Kalpars accept responsibility for killing Mureed Bugti

By Malik Siraj Akbar

Dispelling the allegations of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) against the government and the loyalists of Mir Aali Bugti for the killing of its central committee member Mureed Bugti on June 19, a spokesman for the Kaplar clan of Bugti tribe on Tues accepted responsibility for the controversial assassination.

Wadera Khair Din, a spokesman for the Kalpar Bugtis, telephoned the media and said Mureed Bugti had been killed to take revenge as a part of the Balochi traditions against the murder of innocent people which Mureed had sponsored in his life time. He condemned the BRP for terming the recent killing as a case of political killing and resorting to shutter down strike calls across Balochistan.
“BRP is fooling the people of Balochistan. Mureed Bugti was not a political leader but a source of lawlessness and constant trouble in the area by continuously carrying out terrorist activities,” he said.

The spokesman said Mureed Bugti,50, was responsible for the killing of hundreds of people in Dera Bugti, Jaffarabad and Naseerabad by sponsoring bomb blasts, landmine explosions and other forms of terrorism. “He [Mureed Bugti] carried out attacks against my family at least six times. In a landmine blast sponsored by him, my brother Shah Gul and nephew Gul Baig were killed. Therefore, we decided to avenge the murder of our men by killing Mureed Bugti. There is no politics involved but tribal revenge was taken,” he added.

On its part, the BRP, headed by late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti’s grandson Nawabzada Bramdagh Bugti, had billed the killing of Mureed Bugti as a case of target killing of political opponents. The BRP, which accused the force of Bugti tribal chief Mir Aali Bugti and the security forces for the killing, had also called for a Balochistan-wide shutter down and wheel jam strike on Sunday which was responded positively in the Baloch-dominated areas of the province. The BRP had stated that the killing of its leader was a continuity of the target killing of three Baloch leaders in Mekran in April.

The spokesman for the Kalpars said some elements were trying to cause law and order problems in Balochistan under the pretext of fighting for the rights of Baloch people and the liberation of Balochistan. “There are some people fighting for economic gains. The idea of an independent Balochistan is just a means of playing politics and giving a political touch to a murder that was carried out purely on the basis of tribal reasons is incorrect,” he remarked.

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  1. Been reading your blog now for quite a long time and really like it. I don’t know if it’s your style or not , but do you think you could perhaps do a post on the oil spill in the gulf? I love your thoughts and opinions, and would love to see your commentary on this sad tragedy.

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