Qambar Jan tho kuja hey?


By Malik Siraj Akbar

If I have ever been truly inspired by a leader of the Baloch Students’ Organization then it is not Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch or Bashir Zaib Baloch but Qumbar Chakar. In him, I have always seen a future Ghulam Mohammad Baloch. For English readers, he was (oh sorry, is) a “super star” and for the Balochi readers, I could simply describe him as a “Blaheen Mard” (Big man).

Qambar, 20, is an extraordinary agitator, cogent speaker, deeply committed political activist and a highly organized and punctual activist who could proudly take credit for arranging most protest rallies for the restoration of quota system at the Balochistan University for Information Technology and Management Sciences (BUITMS), recovery of all the missing Balochs and several other issues.

He spoke a fluent English and made our work easier whenever a foreign journalist was in town to learn more about the Baloch students’ movement. In May 2009, I introduced him with Canadian journalist Matthieu Aikins of the National Post with whom he had a detailed interview. Qambar spoke so beautifully that Aikins started his article with a quote from him.

Fresh reports suggest that this amazing Baloch activist has been whisked away by the personnel of the Frontier Corps and the intelligence agencies. They say Chakar, also an Economics student, had gone to attend classes at the City Campus of the BUITMS and latter on proceeded to the Takato Campus of the University to meet with the Vice Chancellor to speak about the issue of the district-based open merit admission policy. On his return from the college, Chakar, who was accompanied by five other friends of his hailing from the Baloch Action Committee, was stopped at Chaman Pattick area by a convey of security forces.

“They (personnel of the security forces) had come in eight vehicles and asked Qambar to get out of the Alto car,” said one eyewitness, “once Qambar walked towards them, we saw them putting a hand grenade in Qambar’s pocket.” According to the eyewitness, the FC officials shouted at Qambar pointing at the hand grenade: “What the hell is this? You Baloch terrorist! We have to take you in custody.” They slapped, manhandled Qambar and took him away to an unknown location while sparing his other colleagues.

Pakistan’s most prominent newspaper, Jang, this morning reports, though very briefly, that a BSO activist has been arrested by the police while carrying a hand grenade.

One close friend of Qambar says if latter was truly carrying a hand grenade with him then how he could not be caught by the security scanners installed at the BUITMS where the Baloch student had gone to meet with the Vice Chancellor.

However, such tactics no longer surprise anyone. We all know the nature of the ridiculous cases the state functionaries have made in the past against the Baloch people in this militarized province. We do not have a short memory to recollect how Dr. Imdad Baloch, a former chairman of the BSO, and his colleagues were resurfaced after seven months of disappearance in 2005. They were implicated in a case of stealing a washing machine somewhere in Dera Ghazi Khan while they had never visited DG Khan in their whole life time.

Presently, no one knows the whereabouts of Qambar Chakar. It is believed that he is being detained by the FC and the intelligence agencies in one of the torture cells where, according to the Baloch nationalists, around five thousand Balochs, including more than a hundred women, are languishing simply because of their dissenting views.

“We strongly denounce the extra judicial arrest of the Baloch student,” said Kachkol Ali Baloch, Balochistan’s former leader of the opposition. “The State is taking benefit of our powerlessness. Our leaders are being brutally killed and younger ones are being subjected to enforced disappearance by the state agencies. We call for a UN intervention in Balochistan.”

In fact, the issue of enforced disappearances in Balochistan has remarkably intensified with the arrival of an utterly powerless Pakistan People’s Party government following the historic general elections of February 2008. It clearly seems that the hawkish Punjabi Establishment based in Islamabad is still unwilling to relinquish powers in Balochistan.

The resource-rich province is still under the control of the army and the intelligence agencies that indulge in grave violation of human rights. Ironically, most human rights organizations operating in Pakistan deliberately snub their illegal operations in the country’s largest province for the reason that they do not want their funding to be stopped. The national media and human rights organizations have also skirted the plight of the Baloch since the arrival of the PPP government.

The extra-judicial arrest of the Baloch political leaders, mainly the political activists, has been taking place very systematically. There is not an iota of doubt that the establishment wants to eliminate or enervate the Baloch movement by all possible means. Islamabad wishes to subjugate the Baloch people to such an extent that they give up their demand for self-rule. Such tactics, I am surely, are only going to increase anti-Pakistan sentiments among the Baloch youth.

Qambar Chakar’s abduction is not accidental. It was surely preplanned. Previously, the central vice chairman of the BSO, Zakir Majeed Baloch, was arrested and taken to an unknown location in a similar attempt. Likewise, another key leader of the BSO, Shahzaib Baloch, who presides over the Quetta chapter of the organization, was arrested in April and kept in illegal solitary confinement for more than two months. The most pathetic thing about such official behavior is the denial of judicial justice to these ‘missing persons’. They are not produced before any court of law to prove their innocence.

The list of the missing persons does not end here. Among the fresh victims, two prominent names are that of Jalil Rekhi, the central information secretary of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) and Chakar Qambarani, a member of the BRP central committee. They have been missing for more than five months now.

It is highly regrettable that the restored Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Ifthakar Chaudhary, who was believed to be sacked by former military dictator General Pervez Musharraf due to his proactive role in recovering the missing persons, has taken a U-turn in his approach towards the missing persons. The Chief Justice of Pakistan has not only softened his attitude but also completely skirted the plight of the Baloch youth who are illegally pushed into torture cells and subjected to inhuman treatment.

Mr. Chaudhary, is this what millions of people in Pakistan marched for? No Sir. They wanted the restoration of a man who had the spunk to bring the intelligence agencies under control. If you fail to deliver justice then your opponents certainly get an opportunity to say that you politicized your suspension merely to gain personal popularity. I know you did.

The international community, mainly the human rights organizations, have to take notice of the unabated violation of human rights in Balochistan. The main reason for the kidnapping of the American head of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), John Solecki, in February this year was predominantly the issue of ‘missing persons.’ The people of Balochistan are tired of the state repression. Their beloved ones are going missing every other day. The international community did not stand up to its promises with the Baloch people regarding the issue of enforced disappearances while negotiating with the Baloch leadership about the release of John Solecki.

In the meanwhile, the Baloch students, who tried to protest the extra-judicial arrest of Qambar Chakar, were shelled by the police this morning at BUITMS. Qambar Chakar deserves a good response from his political friends. While free, he had actively campaigned for the release of everyone. It is the time everyone joined the rallies being organized for Chakar’s release. Qambar is a man of high spirits. He had told me many times that he knew that the intelligence agencies and the FC were chasing him.
When I asked him for a meeting last time so that I could write a story on Zakir Majeed, he said he was willing to meet me anywhere I wanted. “What about the Press Club,” I asked. He laughed and said, “but the press club is surrounded by ‘their men’,” as he referred to the agents of the agencies. I said okay we could sit somewhere safe. He said he was not afraid of coming downtown. It was just he had begun to take precautionary measures to ensure his own security. I said it was a very wise decision.
We wish young Qambar Chakar all the best. He is a brave boy. He surely knows that “ah pa sarani goda ga….”

24 thoughts on “Qambar Jan tho kuja hey?

  1. Firstly, I can never believe that he had pocketed a ‘Hand Grenade’ and it sounds quite ridiculous to me.

    I read a story in which a lion saw a lamb drinking water from a stream and he made his mind to have it as his lunch. He questioned him that how dare you drinking water from here? The lamb remained quite. Then came another question. Why did you abuse me last year? But I was born only three months ago, replied the lamb. Then it must have been your father, the lion sums up the conversation and tears the lamb into pieces.

    This is only darkening the political mindsets, hence shifting towards the arms struggle. If the Government is still unmoved with the slowly rotting province by almost all means, then I must dream for any messiah to do this for the people. I strongly protest another addition of the whisked away Baloch political personal.

  2. It is quite unfortunate that Baloch youngsters like Chakar Qambar and others are being manhandled and abducted by the intelligence of Pakistan. It is quite unfortunate that Balochs are not being treated as equal citizens of this country. It really saddened me when I came to know about young Chakar’s whisking away by security forces for no rhyme or reason, but only because he is a young Baloch and speaks for the rights of Balochistan.

    At this juncture of time- when with each passing day atrocities on Balochistan and its people are increasing and each single inch below our feet is being taken away so may end up cocooned and isolated with the inflicted wounds without raising our voice- such cowardly acts like abductions of young Balochs will only add fuel to fire but this all will not break courage of Baloch nation and the hatred towards all those Anti Baloch forces who are against Baloch will further escalate.

    Long Live Baloch Nation.

    1. why the hell would VC of BUITMS get a guy arrested? He just manages the university not the political uncertainity. Mreover, if the VC was so against Qambar then he could expell him at any reason. I dont think he had to make such a huge plan when he can easily take him out of Buitems!

  3. i m also students of Buitems and that day i met with kamber in city campus that time he said that i m going to Takatu campus to meet with V.c to talk about district based Quota system.

    HE went out from the gate where a metal detector attached on the gate and nothing was found with him.

    i was in class and my one friend called me at 2.30 that F.C official kidnaped kambar from takatu campus. and F.C official said that kambar has a hand granad in his pocket.

    ( how it can be possible that 6 time a person enter from metal detector gate but nothing was found with him, and when F.c official check him they found a hand granade with him…??)

    we all know that V.c and I.T administration is involed in this because whenever any one talk about QUOtA system and want to bring baloch students in the field of informational technology. then I. t administration do like such activities to stop them.

    1. so why don’t you guys protest against this anti-Baloch VC? Get him thrown out. He is as much anti-Baloch as Abbass Chauhdary, his predecessor, was. Zinda bebeeth inqilab.

      1. i dont think like that at all. since i have found the decisions of our Vc very neutral. Moreover the baloch when found out that Qambar has been arrested by the F.C they stopped the buse sin and closed the uni gates. And there came security problems for the girls in there. V.C can expell any student on any reason if hehe’s personal with anyone. There is no need for him to make huge planning like that.

  4. we did our best in a democratic way to rise the sound of innocent baloch student when v were doing protest police fired on us at city campus of uni(located in jinnah town quetta)and beaten the students by sticks and two of us mumtaaz baloch and noroz baloch were arrested by the local police as wl.
    we also protested at the universtys main campus(takatu) in the same day there vice chanclor orderd his private guards to shot the students but unfortunatly bullets were just short missed.

  5. After the Shahdat of Akbar Bugti i get frustrate that there is no more,,, but brahamdagh bugti arises more shinely, ,
    after the shahdat of Ghulam Mohd baloch i may get again frustrate that it ll take time for new Ghalam Mohammad, ya off course we need Ghulam Mohd, but now i realize there is some one thats my great younger brother QAMBAR CHAKAR.
    Dear Qamber its has been made as our fate when we enter in this world as a baloch and we proud to fight against it and make it change, and it ll be continue till to death.

  6. what we heard was that Qambar was found with hand grenaeds for sure. And also by some of our teachers that the intelligence in our university already knew that many students, I am not specifically speaking of a baloch or pathans, but among all students those with any weapon were already known to the administration. And it was said that the grand carnival which was going to be on 18th june in takatu was the target .and that the reason of cancelling the carnival beacause of security purposes.

  7. I guess VC has his powers within the limits and affairs of University and be it Shahzaib, Qamber Malik or Qamber Chakar, all were some way or the others were attached to their respective institutions, are apprehended just to list them in Armed-Resistant groups by the intelligence think tanks. So the direct involvement of VC has no empirical evidence or logic.

  8. Qamber Chakaar pekrani badshah Qumi darde darook. bestu yakomi karrna pad Qamber name zingad koth. zana tho pa dushmena nuken allah nizar be, bele tahi name dema DR nebeshtag na anth…..

  9. Kamber is in the way of strugle,where u can find difficulties but Kumber is on the way ….who can stop yoth?Kamber is with him,,,,,who r in that way where the nation can get freedom…..

    1. Qamberjan che may dil a gar nabe parcha Shaheed faqt sangat e brathe hamrahe nabotha blken yak azeemen leader butha oh ahi cha wat jasmani tor par juda goshag beth ble ahi soch ahi fekr har wahda har baloche dil anth.
      QAMBER tho zindage o alam thi o qole shaheed ani hun deh kara alam kayan anth alam.

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