Asma Jhangir at her best on Balochistan

I loved these remarks of Asma Jhangir, chairperson of the the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). I sincerely believe there is a great need for more such sane voices from the Punjab. It is heartening that a group of people in the Punjab have begun to analyze the domineering role of their province in the federation of Pakistan.
I believe if someone can save Pakistan from disintegration then it is the Punjbai scholars, writers, journalists and analysts. They have to objectively see what their fellow Punjbai army officers and politicians did in the past and are doing currently in Balochistan which led to massive disillusionment.

5 Responses to “Asma Jhangir at her best on Balochistan”
  1. nota says:

    Right on the money, wasn’t she? She really surprised me (as had Orya Maqbool jan on a show he appeared with Shahzain Bugti — sorry I don’t remember the name).

    BTW: This clip is from the 50 Minutes show of Aug 15. You can watch it all here:

  2. zafar baloch says:

    she done her job in fevour of the victom nation than that lip service baloch leader who was on the panel with her.

  3. nota says:

    BTW: Samaj Siyasat of 22nd August 2009 (Express TV) is also an interesting one to watch (With Mr Bazinjo, Mr Khalil Baloch, Dr Naila Qadri, Mr Yousaf Masti Khan, Mr Usman Baloch, Mr Karamat Ali

    Warning: The host (Imran Sherwani) is clueless and more interested in trying to confirm his misconceptions as ‘facts’. But I do appreciate his bringing the issue to the forefront AND introducing us to some ‘new’ faces (and voices) on the talk show circuit….

  4. nota says:

    Murtaza Razvi talks about her comments in Dawn and asks Why bleed Balochistan?

    Brig A Q Anjum proves military men are not capable of any truth when it comes to Balochistan. See his article in The Nation titled Balochistan Killing. He blames everyone but the real culprits.

    In other news: Bugti’s son plea for FIR against Musharraf

  5. nota says:

    Adding to my comment above, I just found out The Nation did a two-fer and also has another article (this one on the reports of extra-judicial killings by the army in Swat, as reported by HRCP/Asma Jehangir: Extrajudicial killing of Taliban by S.M. Hali “a political and defence analyst”. He rejects the charges outright and wants us to believe the army is a responsible organization which does not fight “terror with terror”. Ha! Like we didn’t know better…

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