“Where is my son?”

Dr. Abdul Wahab Baloch, father of missing Abdul Hayee Baloch

Do I ever feel like crying?
While meeting the missing persons’ families.
Everyone you can see in this picture has a sob story.
Everyone has a ‘missing person’ in his family.
This 63-year old Baloch on my right side says his son, Abdul Hayee, 20, has gone missing since August 29, 2009.
“How do you consol Hayee’s mom back home?” I asked.
“How can I? I am not good at handling my own tears. You see I am an old man now. When you get old, you become very sentimental which I am.”
Pause. Pause. Pause
Silence. Silence. Silence.
“Where is my son?” he asks.
“I don’t know mama*,” I whisper.
Anguish. Frailty. Guilt.
(I met these families of the freshly disappeared people today in Sariab, Quetta)

Mama = mother’s brother; a term of endearment for someone older. (Explaination by Uzi)

4 thoughts on ““Where is my son?”

  1. Khuda Khair bika… o mara e Pakistan che nejaad beda. Hope all the missing persons are alive and soon some day shall come home.

  2. Mr. Kambar Ali Baloch Saab writes: {{Hope all the missing persons are alive and soon some day shall come home.}}

    Kambar SAAB – ALLAH kare with you people struggle that DAY is VERY SOON – otherwise, HIS DAY will be day of judgment to award/reward all good doers and bad doers.

  3. can you also meet families of those who are killed by terrorist in quetta and all over baluchistan also claimed by BLA BRA BNF BLF who are ordered by bramdag and heerbiar, one shitting in afghanistan and other shiting in inglistan.See these murders are claimed by them. Your legs are broken to go to these families. You know the truth but you are cowerd to speat the fact because they will kill you also. What to talk of a cowerd and scared and no honest person like you. this man must have also gone to some sarmachar gidan to make a lshker. so why weep. you wll weep if you make other weep.

    1. The ones who wrer killed in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan by BLA, BRA and BLF were the government agents working to kidnap more innocent Baloch people.

      All the civilised and innocent Punjabis who are living in Punjab were never and will never be targetted by the Baloch Sarmachars.

      If Punjabis want to live in peace, they should get out of Balochistan and take their criminal army with them, then everybody will live in peace.

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