The Baloch Hal Newsletter

The Baloch Hal Newsletter
Volume I December 8, 2009

Dear Readers of The Baloch Hal,
The management of The Baloch Hal would like to deeply thank you all for your overwhelming support in the first two weeks since the launching Balochistan’s first online English newspaper. We are glad that you have also joined this Facebook group not only to keep abreast of developments but also to assure us of your support, cooperation and encouragement.

The Baloch Hal Newsletter will be sent to all group members every week in order to establish regular contact with all our valued readers. Your suggestions, criticism and advice will be appreciated.

In this first Baloch Hal Newsletter, which is in your hands right now, we would like to firstly thank you for joining our group and appreciating the newspaper.

Secondly, we would like to request you to kindly introduce Baloch Hal and this group to more and more friends of yours. The Baloch Hal is a sincere professional attempt to tell the world that the Balochs are capable of effectively presenting their perspective before the world.

Do send us your e-mails and feedback as we would love to hear from you.

We wish you a pleasant week.

The Baloch Hal Team

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