The Baloch Hal Newsletter

The Baloch Hal Newsletter

Dear Readers of The Baloch Hal,


How did the New Year start? Surely, all of you have begun to work on the new year resolutions. We wish you a very happy and successful year ahead.

We are glad that most of you liked the exclusive pictures of Dilip Dass, a greater leader of the Balochistan movement of 1970s. Many thanks for the feedback which helped us to understand how closely you monitor the stuff put online by the Baloch Hal team.

The Baloch Hal has barely completed one month of its publication but it seems to have inadvertently shaken the confidence of the anti-Baloch media. What some newspapers with a history of more than fifty years could not achieve, the outstanding quality of the Baloch Hal and phenomenal response it gained from its valuable readers compelled an Islamabad-based online English newspaper to come up with an “investigative report” against the Baloch Hal and its editor-in-chief. While the Baloch Hal was described as one ‘separatist online” newspaper, the editor-in-chief was charged of being an agent of the Indian intelligence agency RAW.

We were certain that when some Baloch professionals start putting the Baloch perspective before the whole world, extrordianry resistance would be offered to us. Honestly, we thought it would take us at least fifty years to be become so important to be given 50% attention in an investigative report of a so-called national online newspaper. With the professional commitment of our team and massive cooperation by our visitors, we made some quarters restless only within one month.

The Baloch Hal, let us reiterate, is a professional online newspaper without discriminating against any political group. We have equally given coverage to the government as well as the opposition. That is what we stand for as this is what journalism is all about. We reaffirm our commitment to truth.
Ejaz Raisani has been doing a marvelous job as a Citizen Journalist by sharing plenty of excellent and totally unique pictures of the Baloch society and culture with us. We thank him for his contributions that have been widely appreciated not only by the Baloch Hal team but also by our visitors from all over the country. We hope Ejaz will continue to share these stunning photographs with us in the coming days. We would also like to request the others to share such unique pictures with us.

The Baloch Hal does not solely intend to highlight the lifestyle and problems of Pakistani Balochistan. We would like to invite friends living in different parts of the world to contribute reports about the Balochs living in different countries of the globe. Please do share pictures, reports of seminars, functions and musical programs held in the Gulf countries, Iranian and Afghan Balochistan and Europe. We would be very exuberant to share your reports with our readers.

We hope you know that the Baloch Hal was not launched as a commercial online. We started it solely with the intention to provide Baloch news, views and analyses. In fact, there has been no positive response from any of the Baloch political parties to our effort, we must acknowledge the educated young Balochs have remarkably encouraged us with their enthusiastic and constant feedback. Currently, we are working with too limited resources. Our plea for donations has not been heeded by Baloch friends yet as we still await their contributions to this cause.

However, the newspaper can get some revenue if you click the Google Ads when visiting our site. So please don’t forget to spare a few minutes and click the Google ads when you visit the Baloch Hal next time.

Lastly, let us deeply thank you all for your extremely encouraging response to an appeal made by the Baloch Hal team to help a senior Baloch journalist who was electrocuted in Gwadar. Irshad Masthoi, the injured journalist who is gradually recovering in a Karachi hospital, called the office of The Baloch Hal himself and thanked you all for your support and prayers. It is a matter of great satisfaction that we quickly managed to reach a global audience via The Baloch Hal to come to the help of a committed journalist who has been extensively writing about the rights of Balochs for so long.

We hope our readers will keep demonstrating the same level of spirit in the future. We await your feedback about the Baloch Hal.

Best wishes

The Baloch Hal is the first online English language newspaper of Balochistan

2 Responses to “The Baloch Hal Newsletter”
  1. Brech says:

    Dear Malik,

    Congratulations for bringing out such an effective and informative online newspaper. Though I am not a Baluch but I can see the quality of journalism that can benefit both the Baloch and the Pashtoons of the region as well, the pashtoons should also learn from your experience and start running a similar online paper serving the interests of their people rather than becoming subservient to govt agencies.

    I suggest you run, if you can, a section that deals briefly with the latest news information round the clock. Perhaps you would need to hire more people to help you with this.

    Another important thing is to highlight the difficulties and perils that the baluch culture, in particular the language, may face if not addressed immediately. The next few decades are very crucial. The Punjabi establishment is try very hard to assimilate both the baloch and pashtoons into a confused and non-existent pakistani culture, by denying them the access to funds and opportunities to promote and develop their cultural/linguistic needs. An ethnic group is known by its language, once the language is gone, the ethnic identity becomes meaningless.

    In the end I would say keep up the good work. Look after yourself and always be on your guard as you could be the next target of the anti-baluch/Pashtoon forces. Many State sposord embedded journalists will come forward, for a few dollors, and will write crap investigative articles in order to pressurise you from writing for your people and their cause and for our people. The baloch and Pashtoon unity is very important and no one should be allowed to cause a rift between them.

    Kind regards

  2. Sobdaar Baloch says:


    It is important to note that the role of information cannot be ignored in any movement especially in current times when the society is more responsive/reactive towards anything called “news”. We have always suffered due to lack of local newspapers and journalists to voice the true feelings of Baloch population.

    The Punjabi-military Establishment has adopted a policy of “No News from Balochistan ” in the past.The state television and print media were tamed to implement the same.

    But Now with the growth of other means of communication such as the internet and increasing no. of private channels, this policy is no more helpful so they have come with a “new policy” of misinterpretation and distortion of anything relating to Baloch and Balochistan in order to discourage any sympathy towards the oppressed Baloch who are suffering torture and humiliation at the hands of ” invisible hand”.
    So anything that allows us to present our viewpoint to international community/educated class is equal to a slap on Pakistani media. And when you slap anyone, he/she will react and show anger. That’s why such people are devoid of any ethics and come up with such dishonest reports attacking anyone who truly represents the oppressed people of the society.
    I wish best of luck to Baloch Hal team and hope that one day we will be able to present an un-biased view of the social/political developments in our region. In words of Faiz :

    “Yunhi hamesha ulajhti rahi hai zulm say Khalq,
    Na unki rasm nayi hai na apni reet nayi

    Yunhi hamesha khilaye hain humne aag mein phool
    Na unki haar nayi hai na apni jeet nayi !!

    Proud of Baloch hal !!

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