National Party’s Political Suicide

By Malik Siraj Akbar

Central President of the National Party (NP) Senator Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch has publically defended his party’s decision to welcome an internationally notorious drug baron in his party by saying that the inclusion or exclusion of individuals does not influence the party manifesto.

It was the first time when Dr. Malik came publically to clarify his party’s position on a matter –granting membership of National Party to a drug dealer wanted by the US government—which had stunned every Baloch. The supporters and the opponents of National Party had been taken aback how a party claiming to comprise of middle-class educated people accommodate a declared drug dealer in its ranks.

While Dr. Malik’s response given in a press conference in Quetta on Saturday does not fully answer the real question, the motives behind including a drug baron into a so-called nationalist party could be other than merely what the party chief had to say. The National Party seems to have accommodated the man with objectionable role in the party perhaps to gain enormous funding in the wake of changing political dynamics across the country where money has become an instrumental agent of pursuing politics. Secondly, our political culture has increasingly become violent and intolerant wherein the National Party has seemingly succumbed to the notion that its survival hugely depends on tying up with gangsters and drug dealers.

No matter what justifications National Party (NP) offers for its decision, the inclusion of a known drug dealer into a political party that champions the cause of Baloch rights is highly condemnable. Political parties are not above ethical codes and political doctrines. They are expected to uphold some primary moral, social and political codes before indulging into politics. The National Party has disappointed millions of Balochs by encouraging a man to become its member whose job is to sell drugs to Baloch children in order to to make more money.

Ideally, a political party has to stand first to fight drugs and prevent the youngsters from using them to create a healthy society. But if the top leadership of a party decides to provide a platform to a drug dealer then it simply translates into official endorsement of this detestable business. Late Mir Ghose Baksh Bizenjo, on whose political ideology National Party was founded, would never approve of what his son, Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo, and disciple Dr. Malik are doing under the pretext of ”politics of moderation” and “progressive thoughts”.

Mir Ghose Baksh Bizenjo would have surely wept like a child if he saw drug dealers, who provide poison to his Baloch grandchildren, standing under his umbrella.

If today Dr. Malik sees nothing wrong with including a drug baron into his party, tomorrow he will surely not find it morally and politically wrong to defend the business of the drug mafia in Mekran region. After all National Party has made up its mind to welcome money from the drug mafia as a source of financing to run its politics. As a next step, the National Party may also agree to provide ticket to contest election to the same drug dealer to provide him an official platform to transect black money.

National Party has irked a wide segment of Baloch society by committing such a huge political blunder. Worse still is the disgraceful and unconvincing defense the party chief is offering for his decision. He would have earned more respect if he worked equally hard on bringing educated Balochs, educationists, doctors and professionals into his party to play a significant role in educating the Baloch society. Drug dealers do not make nations; they ruin young generations.

Only the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) has reacted openly against the NP decision and vowed to continue its battle against the drug mafia. The graph of BLF’s popularity rose significantly recently in Mekran region when it decided to dismantle the networks of the drug mafia. It is primarily the responsibility of the government and political parties to eliminate drugs from a society but nothing has been done in this regard from the concerned quarters yet. Therefore, many underground organizations have decided to undertake the crucial task which they have pursued impressively so far.

Interestingly, NP does not ever take seriously any criticism directed towards it. It keeps on insisting that it is vulnerable to “unjustified” criticism because it comprises of middle-class educated people. If there were Sardars and tribal chiefs in its ranks, it adds, no one would ever dare to raise fingers against it. This is an old-fashioned argument that does not apply on today’s changed ground realities. Everyone who uses the Baloch card has to be answerable to the nation for his/her actions. If the Baloch youth have not spared veteran leaders like Sardar Attaullah Mengal then Malik should not complain if he is asked for an explanation for providing a platform to drug smuggler.

National Party’s close contacts with the establishment always dominated the political discussions at Chaynki and Thagirdi hotels across Balochistan. With its fresh anti-Baloch maneuver, NP has committed political suicide and further distanced itself from the Baloch youths who beg not to be offered drugs.

This article originally appeared in The Baloch Hal, Balochistan’s first online English newspaper

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