More Fellows Arrive

On August 1st, I woke up early in the morning. I slept very well the previous night after a long and tiring journey. I decided to go to Holiday Inn Hotel where my journalist friend from Peshawar and a fellow Humphrey Fellow Javid Afraidi was staying. Javed and I decided to go to Safeway, the shopping store, to buy something to cook. Before doing that, we decided to take a look at the Cronkite Building, where our college was housed.

The Cronkite building is at a distance of hardly five-minute walk from The Met. It was exciting for us to see our names on the running news sliding outside the Cronkite Building.

“Cronkite School Welcomes Hubert Humphrey Fellows: Malik Siraj Akbar of Pakistan….” The list of the Hubert Humphrey Fellows continued to go on.

We were fascinated with this creative and warm welcome given to us by our host university. Thus, we decided to take photos of ourselves with the running news slide. After that, we walked to Safeway which was not as close as we had anticipated. We bought fish, chicken and some more things to cook back at our apartment.

Javed made wonderfully tasty fish which we had for lunch.

After lunch, my apartment mate, Mukesh and four other fellows, who had been taking some pre-academic courses at Tuscon, arrived to Phoenix. They were also going to stay at The Met Apartment. I met the the other fellows in the evening at my apartment where we had coffee and discussed the course and possibilities. We were going to work with each other for the next ten months. The fellows I met at my apartment included Mohammad Alauddin from Bangladesh, Chinkhand Dorj from Mongolia, Aleksandra Dukovska from Macedonia and Xiao Yang of China.

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