Jaded. Starving. Overwhelmed.

I am damn jaded. Starving. Overwhelmed.

It is midnight (oh, my clock says it is 12:02 a.m— Welcome October 13th) and I am still in my office, Humphrey Suite on the fourth floor of Cronkite School.Thinking of checking out after I finish this blog entry. I am trying to become a more regular blogger. I have not been writing constantly. I can’t  abandoned this blog only because “Oh, I am too busy these days!”.

This morning started with a good news: Finally, I got the schedule for the upcoming Global Leadership Forum (GLF) which is going to take place in Washington DC (October 24-28). It is not as if I am in love with Washington.The only American city I would ever marry is St. petersburg, Florida!.

I am delighted because the Global Leadership Forum will provide us a chance to meet Hubert Humphrey Fellows from eighteen other campuses across the United States. Besides meeting the Humphrey Fellows from the second journalism program, we will meet Fellows from programs other than journalism and Mass Communication.

In the sidelines of the GLF, we will also visit a number of media outlets and related organizations.

I am  trying to fix an appointment with Selig Harrison, who wrote In Afghanistan’s Shadow, a book which is considered to be the bible of Baloch nationalistic history. I contacted him a few days ago and he wanted me to inform him about my schedule in DC so that we could fix a time. Now that I have obtained the final schedule, I think I can meet him for an interview for my lovely daughter i.e. The Baloch Hal.





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