Dreaming Big

I attended the two-day long 18th Annual Nonprofit Conference on Sustainability Strategies at Desert Willow Conference Center on October 14-15. The conference was very helpful for me to meet a lot of new people from nonprofit sector. There were several sessions on important topics such as public relations, social networks, strategic planning, secretes of consultants and fund-raising for non-profit initiatives.

The stall comprising of books about nonprofit sector was fabulous.

The conference was organized by ASU Lodestar Center which is located in the building next to the Cronkite School of Journalism. We had visited them previously to learn about the Center which organizes several programs on nonprofit.

I enjoyed the keynote speech of Kay Sprinkel Grace,  an international fund-raising expert. She spoke very beautifully about the importance of dreaming before doing something big. She asked the participants what would have happened if Martin Luther King had a plan without a dream. She said everyone among us should dream big and very big.You can’t make a big difference until you have the courage to dream.

I have never been convinced with the assumption that Americans are indifferent and do not care about other people. I felt very honored when Ms. Laura Bush, Manager of Curriculum Design and Innovation, ASU Lodestar Center, introduced me and my friend Alaudin from Bangladesh with the audience.

“Malik, can you stand up please,” she said while introducing me with the august audience. The participants of the conference clapped as I stood from my seat to wave to everyone. It was surely a wonderful feeling for me. Thank you, everyone!

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