Shahbaz Sharif Diplomacy

Chief Minister of the Punjab, Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif,  has decided to increase Balochistan’s proportion in the scholarships his government is offering to Baloch students as a gesture of goodwill to enhance cooperation and understanding between the country’s largest and the smallest provinces.

He made this announcement in a mammoth gathering organized in Lahore the other day to host Baloch students who are currently enrolled in various high-standard educational institutions with the financial support of the Punjab government. Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani and Education Minister Tahir Mehmood were also present in the ceremony along with a well-represented delegation of ministers and officials from Balochistan. (Read More)

2 Responses to “Shahbaz Sharif Diplomacy”
  1. Faheem Mirza says:

    Under the horrible times of Shahbaz Sharif’s Government the Punjab province has been virtually converted in to a “Badmaash” (rogue) province. Here police officials get involved in heinous and brutal criminal activities like one in Sialkot. The administration did not take any action against the shameful and atrocious lynching of two young brothers until the footage was telecast on electronic channels. It is believed that only in Gujranwala Division, where a brother of PML (N) MNA was deputed as head of police department, more than two hundred extra judicial killings have taken place. The record shows that in Punjab, police force has been continuously used to harass and insult political rivals. An endless campaign of lodging false FIRs against political opponents has also been initiated. Use of brutal police force and baton-charge has become a routine. Every segment of society including journalists, doctors, teachers, students, nurses, Government employees, semi Government and private institutions and lawyers have faced the brutality of police while protesting for their demands.

  2. Shehnaz Zubairi says:

    The development budget of Lahore, including the funds at the disposal
    of various officials and the elected members from the city is higher
    than the rest of the Punjab. Roads are being built only around Lahore
    to Raiwind and Kasur and the traffic warders and rescue services are
    given to Lahore.

    Shahbaz Sharif, who is supposedly the chief minister of Pakistan’s
    most populous province is only interested in Lahore. He raids the
    hospital of only this city, he just roams the city at odd hours to
    check the officials and his only attention is focused on the
    development of this city.

    Even at the occassion of the Eid, when most of rural areas of the
    Punjab is suffering from the post-flood situation, the chief minister
    has celebrated a lavish Eid in Raiwind Emirate and then toured the
    city of Lahore for checking the cleanliness. The rest of Punjab rots
    in misery

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