Mr. President, Listen to Bhoothani!

The Speaker of Balochistan Assembly, Mohammad Aslam Bhoothani, dropped a bombshell on Friday saying that the office of Prime Minister was endeavoring to sell Balochistan’s seventy thousand (70,000) acre land to Arab sheiks at a throwaway price. According to him, the Arabs were trying to acquire the land in areas close to the Baloch Coast on the banks of Mekran Coastal Highway.

Besides the will of Balochistan government being totally snubbed, this scheme is strongly backed by some quarters in the Prime Minister House in Islamabad. Uncertain if a thorough gentleman like Prime Minister Syed Yousfa Raza Gillani could personally become a part of such a shocking scheme, Bhoothani decided to chose his words very carefully. He said he was not sure whether the Prime Minister was directly involved in this plot or some elements in the Prime Minister House were secretly working to accomplish their nasty designs. (Read More)

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