Is He Robert Mugabe?

In his latest exclusive interview with BBC’s Ahmed Raza, Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani indicated that he had reached at a dangerous level of  denial of facts on the ground in Balochistan province. He ridiculed two internationally reputed organizations, Amnesty International and Transparency International, accusing them of “exaggerating” facts about Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular. The Chief Minister raised the following points in his interview.

First, Raisani brushed aside the impression that a large number of political workers had ever gone missing. He refused to admit that dozens of political activists’ dead bodies had been recovered in the recent times. He said the situation of the missing persons had been addressed by the government. This was in total contrast to what had been appearing on the front pages of all newspapers published from Quetta that at least fourteen political activists’ dead bodies had been recovered from various districts of Balochistan in a single week.






One thought on “Is He Robert Mugabe?

  1. Asalam raisani should burn in hell if there is a hell. I pray that all poluticians of pakistan can fill the hell and Allah has enough power to keep the hell burning for all of these pakistani politicians…. And that when it comes to throwing pakistani politucians, allah does nor have any load shading issue.

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