Qazi in Town

Muatasim Qazi is an aspiring journalist from Balochistan who is currently enrolled at Everett Community College under the Community College Initiative Program of the U.S State Department. The Initiative brings young professionals to American community colleges for a period of ten months for a non-degree program.

Qazi belongs to my home town, Panjgur, one of the most backward districts of the country. He was selected this year as one of three students from Balochistan for this highly prestigious and stiffly competitive learning opportunity. This justifiably makes us all proud of this young man from Panjgur. He is a role model for all the young struggling youth of Balochistan who are endeavoring to prove their abilities in various spheres of life.

He is indeed an emerging journalist from the country’s poorest province who has worked with Daily Balochistan Express and the Baloch Hal. He is a gifted writer and I see a true rising journalist in this young man provided that he keeps up his passion toward learning and leaves no stone unturned to achieve his goals.

Recently, he covered exclusively for The Baloch Hal a public talk of authorFatima Bhutto who had criticized the policies of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party in Balochistan.

He was  an active participant of the second media workshop that I organized for rural journalists of Balochistan on Democracy, Media and Democracy under the auspices of Balochistan Institute for Development (BIFD) with the assistance of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) at Quetta Press Club.

During the winter holidays, Qazi has decided to come to Phoenix, Arizona to meet me. I am very glad to host him here.  On the first day of his week-long to Arizona, what Qazi billed on the basis of his first impressions as “America’s Balochistan”, my friend visited the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. I introduced him with some Humphrey Fellows.

I hope Qazi will enjoy his stay in Phoenix and return with very positive feelings about this place.

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