NY Times Report about Disappearances

It is the first time that The New York Times has reported about”enforced disappearances”in Pakistan with reference to Balochistan. The report has also implicated the government of Pakistan in this grave violation of human rights with special citation of the fact that weapons provided to Islamabad to fight against terrorism were reportedly used against the Baloch nationalists.
The report added that the issue of enforced disappearances could jeopardize the future of fragile US-Pakistan relations.
I still think the report did not do justice with Balochistan. It only mentioned two activists of the Balochistan National Party (BNP) who had been detained and tortured by the Frontier Corps(FC). As a matter of fact the situation in Balochistan is far more worse. Around 80 of the “enforced disappeared” Balochs’ bullet-riddled dead bodies have been found from different parts of the province, as claimed by the Voice for Missing Baloch Persons, an anti-disappearance group.

2 Responses to “NY Times Report about Disappearances”
  1. westwood says:

    Thank you for writing about an issue so under-reported in North America.

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