Goodbye Twenty Ten

This is what you call a tumultuous year. Twenty Ten was a long long painful year. If I were not a journalist, perhaps I would never read newspapers or watch the news. What else would I do? You may ask. Well, honestly I would then love to lock myself into a room and read a lot history books. Why? See, there is a distinctive difference between newspapers and history books reporting death, violence and tragedy. While history books put everything into a sandwich pack, newspapers on the other hand, keep consistently mentally terrorizing people with the news of destruction.
If you are a newsman, you will surely agree that this year we all filed a lot of bloody news stories from all corners of the country and province.
On the personal front, when I turn back, I leave a smile. Until two years ago, I had three biggest wishes in my life.
First, to get published on the editorial page of Dawn, Pakistan’s most reputed English newspaper.
Second, to get interviewed by BBC as an expert.
Third, visit the United States of America as a visiting scholar/ fellow.
When I look back, I just feel how stupid I was in terms of setting my goals. Now, they seems very easy goals of life.
My first wish was completed in March 2009 while the second and third wishes were also fulfilled in Twenty Ten.
Now I need to sit down and reconfigure my goals. It is not as if I don’t want to share my goals with you on the blog. Actually, I need to sit and decide what I want to happen for the rest of my life.
I have always been an optimist. My friend Mukesh Ropeta is right: “Nothing is permanent in life,” he says. I love this quote. I sincerely hope Twenty Eleven will be a nice and behaved boy!

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