Phoenix turns Quetta!

Phoenix today is very cold, just like Quetta. I am out of my apartment and traveling in the light rail to go to Walmart. It is a very cold —maybe the coldest—day I have ever experienced in this city known for its sizzling heat.
Like many American cities, Phoenix also has a wonderful public transportation system. The light rail here is relatively knew but efficient. It is interesting that the rail follows the same traffic rules which other car drivers have to follow. For instance, it also stops with rest of the cars on the road when the traffic light is red. Unlike larger cities’ often complex system of multiple tracks, it has only one track in Phoenix which runs up till Messa.
It has been several months that I have not been to Walmart. I am amost about to get there!
Planning to see a few international friends in Tempe and spend the new year eve at Mill Avenue, an awesome place for campus parties.
The New Year Eve celebration at Mill Avenue was awesome. It was very cold but a huge crowed turned up. Normally, the light rail stops at 10:00 p.m from Monday to Friday but tonight it will run until 1:00 a.m. The entry charge was $ 20.
The crowed got mad and frozen as we entered the new decade. Wait for the new year pictures and video which I will post shortly.

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