The year when we stopped talking

You may be surprised as to what has just happened to me. Now I blog three to four times a day. Don’t get surprised at all. It’s just the omnipresent technology that makes things happen.
I got a BlackBerry last month and installed the WordPress application only yesterday which has enabled me to blog from my bed while yawning and changing sides.
I know I am a late rather a very late member of the BlackBerry club. I should have been using this stupendous magic box much earlier. Yet I am delighted that I finally got one smart phone.
However, the purpose of this post is not to flaunt over my new phone. Actually I just wanted to share my thoughts over an article I read today in US Today, America’s largest newspaper.( I know a lot of people in Pakistan think that The New York Times or Washington Post are the largest American newspapers. They are wrong. It’s USA Today).
The article, which was also republished by The Arizona Republic today, was about our addiction to social networks and smart phones. 2010, the report said, was the year when we ceased to talk to each other. We were virtually connected with the whole world and talking to everyone except the person sitting with us in the same room.
It was so true. I spend around fifteen hours before the computer or with my cell phone every day. I really think its too much. It has to stop. I am addicted to the cyber world. I have been trying to work out strategies to minimize the consumption of my time online. One such beneficial step was to use, a website which enables me to update all of my social networks at the same time. Plus, you can do that simply by sending a text message on Ping’s assigned number if you are a US or Canadian subscriber. So now I don’t have to be on the websites of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to update my status or share something.
I think we must drive the technology rather than giving it a chance to drive us. Yet, a friend commented,”It’s easier said than done.”

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