Did Bramdagh Really Say “Baloch Terrorists”?

Did you read Bramdagh Bugti’s interview in today’s Daily Times? If no, you must. Not that I am a big admirer of BB, as a professional journalist I find this interview highly flawed, objectionable and non-professional.
While the interviewer’s disrespect for the Baloch leader is easily felt in what appear to be his “planted questions”, the worst part is deliberate insertion of personal opinion and biases in the interviewee’s replies. At one point, the interviewer has quoted BB calling Baloch nationalists as “terrorists”.
At another stage Bramdagh calls Baloch people as “Balochi”, which only manifests the lack of interviewer’s knowledge about difference between Baloch and Balochi.
Most questions in the interview are very rude and disrespectful. Folks, I have said it many times, journalism does not give us a passport to insult other people. We will be respected as journalists only if we behave respectfully and professionally towards the people we interview.
The biggest tragedy struck the Pakistani media when Doomsday foresee-er doctors,corporate lawyers, retired army officers, outvoted politicians and hate mongers started to do journalists’ job.
Why on the earth don’t we decide to shut down these fucking ( I m using this F word for the first time on this blog) journalism schools? Can you see the fucking punctuation of the piece? How much can journalism as a profession give in to these non-professionals?

5 Responses to “Did Bramdagh Really Say “Baloch Terrorists”?”
  1. Ali K.Chishti says:

    Dear Malik Sahib,
    I for one would like to acknowledge you for the great work and risk you take. Secondly commenting on the post and on interviewing BB, let me for one accept my mistake – there’s no harm in it. However, I would like to request you to actually look at the bigger picture : a) that we take great amount of risk in actually putting up such stories b) that we are bold enough to put on BB’s interview when there’s a media cap on the issue of Baluchistan.
    You can’t imagine sitting outside how, bad it gets for a journo in Pakistan at times with all the intelligence agencies constantly hounding you. I for one, do not care about them.
    Ali K. Chishti

  2. Malik says:

    Dear Chishti sahib,
    I highly respect your writings and have been regularly following your work. This is not a personal critique. Take it professionally. This post is neither anti-you nor is it pro-BB. It has been only four months that I am out of Balochistan. Otherwise, I have spent a bulk of my professional time in Balochistan during a very tumultuous time. Thus, I can imagine the level of pressure a journalist encounters on daily basis while reporting on political taboos like Balochistan. Do truly deserve full marks for bringing up this exclusive interview at a very eventful time.
    I have only pointed out at the weaknesses of the copy editor and the newspaper editor ( a veteran of the Baloch resistance movement in 70s). If I were you, I would surely fight with the copy editor for not properly punctuating my piece. They even did not put question marks in front of many questions. Plus, it is obvious that BB would not call BLA “Baloch terrorists”. I am sure you fully understand that such misquotes or attributions may lead to a deadly tribal clash beteen Marries (read BLA) and BB.

  3. Mahrang Baluch says:

    Since Ali K Chishti, you have realized what horrendous mistake you have made, so we are looking forward to an official apology and that too in Daily Times from you coming up. He being a nationalist he being a hard core nationalist would never use the word “Baluch terrorists”, if he did then did he mean he himself a terrorist too? C’mon Chishti not even a kid gona buy that! wonder why you playing with your journalistic credibility by doing such twisting of words.

  4. Mahrang Baluch says:

    And no matter under what circumstaces and extreme pressures you are, nothing gives you a licence for “twisting the facts”.

  5. Baloch says:

    If Brahumdagh really said Baloch terrorist it would mean two things A) He meant Baloch agents of state who are killing activists of freedom seeking parties and Baloch abducted persons. B) He is even calling him self a terrorist too. In other an other part of Interview he clearly says that BLA and BRA are legitimate Baloch Organisations fight for rights and honour of the Baloch people.

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