Bugti DID NOT say “Baloch Terrorists”

In an unprecedented acknowledgment of a blunder, Daily Times‘ writer K Ali Chishti admitted today in a published “letter to the editor” that Bramdagh Bugti had not used the word “Baloch terrorists” in his interview published two days ago.
Ali demonstrated great professionalism in his letter by completely taking ownership for this mistake without blaming the copy editors or BB’s poor communication skills.
We already expressed our anguish over the negative aspect of such reporting in the last post. So. No more criticism for the sake of criticism.
Therefore, this post is dedicated to deeply admiring Ali’s admission of mistake. Not many of us,especially the journalists, and worst still television anchorpersons,acknowledge their mistakes.
When I protested on this matter, it was surely not meant to personally attack the writer. The entire purpose of the critique was to discourage pro-establishment journalism.

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