RIP Taseer

Governor Punjab Salman Taseer has been killed in Islamabad by his own security guard. The guard, who was a religious fundamentalist, said he killed the governor because of the latter’s stance on the Blasphemy Law.
This is indeed a great tragedy for Pakistan, the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)and the liberals of the country. Mr. Taseer was a true, liberal and outspoken entrepreneur-turned politician. Taseer’s father Mohammad Din Taseer was a renowned poet and educator. His mother was a sister of popular poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s wife.
After Benazir Bhutto’s murder on December 27, 2007, this is undeniably the most high profile murder of a personality who wore several successful hats. He was a complete self-made person who achieved a  great position because of consistent struggle.
Taseer founded Pakistan’s first liberal English language newspaper Daily Times, a newspaper that I worked for, for five years, as the Balochistan Bureau Chief. Later on Media Times Group, which owns Daily Times, also launched a liberal Urdu newspaper, Aaj Kal.

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