The Liberal is Dead, Long Live The Liberal

The tragic murder of Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer by his own security guard in Islamabad is the most high-profile assassination in the country since the killing of the Pakistan People’s Party chairperson Benazir Bhutto in December 2007. Both Benzir Bhutto and Taseer ultimately paid a heavy price for their straightforwardness and liberal views. What has made Taseer a new icon in the country’s liberal and progressive circles is his commitment to minority rights and steadfast resistance to religious fanaticism. With Taseer dead, the country has been deprived of a liberal and secular voice. (Read More)

One Response to “The Liberal is Dead, Long Live The Liberal”
  1. November 4th, 1995 (Cheshvan 12th, 5756 of Hebrew Calender) Yigal Amir a right wing religious Jew shoots Yitzak Rabin, the then Israeli Prime Minister. Rabin’s crime? He was supporting the Oslo Accords. The Jewish assassin Yigal Amir was convinced that Oslo Accords would deny Jews their “biblical heritage which they had reclaimed by establishing settlements” Yigal Amir was just practicing his religious beliefs, a concept called ‘din rodef’ under traditional Jewish Law

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