America Cares

I am sitting in Tucson Stadium. If you are a Pakistani, you must join me. I am among a people that cares. Thousands of people from all over Arizona have gathered here to pay respect to the five people, including a federal judge and a nine-year old girl, who were killed in a shootout on Saturday.
President Barrack Obama,the mourner-in-chief, is going to address this mammoth memorial gathering.
As I sit here, at least sixty people were killed in Pakistan during a fresh suicide bombing. By now, the news is too old there. No mourning. No regrets.
On the other hand, people in this country care. Thousands of people have been in queues to get into the stadium. Americans have decided to fight as one united nation in what would look like the murder of “only six people” back home in Pakistan. Arizona is a Republican State but people have forgotten all their political differences and come to pay respects to the humanity.
This is a society that respects the humanity and cares for human lives. On the other hand, we have sadly ended up as a society that showers roses on murderers.
Some of us, the Humphrey Fellows, decided to attend this historic memorial event. Firstly, we visited the site outside a Safeway Store where the bloody shooting occurred. The area had been cordoned off by the authorities.
When we arrived at University of Arizona, thousands of people were already standing in long long queues.
“Thank you Mr. President for being here,” read a poster held by two elderly women.
The President is going to speak in about one hour.

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