Happy Valentines Day!

Today is the Valentines Day, the international day to celebrate love. While there are still a few more hours for the sun to rise here in the US, a few images, comments and impressions on the internet caught my attention.
The first flabbergasted impression was from a young Baloch boy who had put a cross on the phrase “Valentines Day“, asserting his rejection of the day by justifying so as “I am a Muslim”.

Another image showed some bearded young men burning a placard which was inscribed with “Valentines Day”. They defended their fanatic move by calling the expression of love as a “western value” which, in their words, was a deliberate attempt to “invade our culture”. Ironically, the Trust that organized this protest was named after a doctor, who should ideally symbolize an enlightened man, vision.

Express Tribune never runs out of fascinating pieces. One such report Valentine Gifts for Mumtaz Qadri showed some young men carrying flowers and a love card for Malik Mumtaz Qadari, the murderer of Punjab’s brave secular governor Salmaan Taseer, outside  Rawalpindi jail.

They were very similar to young bearded men who were reported  burning a V-Day placard.

Religious men carrying flowers and love cards for another imprisoned bearded man must not annoy our liberals. Maybe we are falling short of guarding our religious minorities but this day may provide the real men-men-businessmen a true chance to express their love for each other.

Happy Valentines Day!


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