Cronkite Global Conversations

Malik Siraj Akbar, Hubert Humphrey Fellow at Arizona State University, speaking about the society, politics and media in Pakistan at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in "Cronkite Global Conversations"

Today I spoke about the politics, society and media of Pakistan in the Cronkite Global Conversations. The event was organized by the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism of Arizona State University (ASU) to engage students, professionals and members of the community with the visiting Hubert Humphrey Fellows.

An impressive crowed turned up.

Besides introducing the audience with the history, geography of Pakistan, I mentioned what actually was wrong with the world’s sole Islamic country armed with nukes.

I said even if Pakistan overcomes the ongoing wave of terrorism and the war in Afghanistan, it will still face some serious internal problems that need to be recognized and resolved without blaming the rest of the world. In the last sixty years, Pakistan has been plagued with issues pertaining to the relationship between the State and religion; parliamentary and presidential forms of government often further complicated because of military coups, ethnic tensions, strict federal structure with provinces demanding more autonomy, imposition of Urdu language at the cost of indigenous mother languages and border disputes with India and Afghanistan.

“If Pakistan were a newspaper,” I said,”it would only have a front page”.


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