Your History+ My History = Distorted History

I came across this perturbing speech of a Christian female member of Pakistan’s National Assembly who had been elected from Balochistan on a seat reserved for “minority” women. Asia Nasir, the MNA, spoke in the wake of the recent killing of the country’s minister for minority affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti.

“After Bhatti was killed,” she informed, “My daughter ran, hugged me and said “Mummy’ lets leave this country.””

But, she added, “I belong to this country and will not go anywhere”. She pointed out that the history of Christians in the Pakistan movement had been distorted. The  country’s founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah,  had promised equal rights to the followers of all religions. However, the religious minorities, she whined, were termed “minorities”, segregated, discriminated and billed “untouchables”.

“The history of Christians in Pakistan has been distorted,” he rightly grumbled.

Asia isn’t the only one in Pakistan who is complaining about the distortion of the history. We all know that the current version of the history, promoted via text books in Pakistan, isn’t the history of anyone of us. All of us have consensus on one matter: The religious Right had no role in creating Pakistan. They only hijacked the country after its formation. Today, they have taken the country hostage on the name of religion and made life miserable for the rest.

What is inspiring about Asia’s speech is the courage of a woman from the religious minority who has decided to speak louder for the rights of her people  a week after the brutal murder of the minority minister. If it were not people like Asia who have the resolve to stand up against injustice, I am sure this world would have become a jungle long time back.



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