The Diplomatic Admiral

Admiral Mike Mullen, US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the Staff, visited and spoke at the Cronkite School today afternoon. He was the most high-profile US official to visit this journalism school with a cutting edge. I was the first to raise my hand to pose a question as the Q&A session began after the one-hour talk. Trust me, the best time to ask a question in a mammoth event is to be the first to raise a query because the first question in any event often comes after a silence of  at least five to ten seconds.

As you see above the video of General Mullen’s response to my question, I must admit that he beat about the bush concerning my question. He totally snubbed the pointed that I had raise. I still believe the U.S government should stop hoping that this world has some “good” or “moderate” Taliban.

I asked the Admiral about the Quetta Shura and the reasons for postponing the decision of the U.S government to  expand drone strikes to the safe heavens of Taliban in Quetta and its outskirts.

“Why isn’t the US government weeding out the Quetta Shura,” I asked? “Is it because you are allegedly engaged in covert talks with the “good Taliban” or do you fear the consequences of a public backlash to drone strikes?”

Given above is the video while you can also read the news story about this afternoon’s session on The Baloch Hal.


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