Professional Affiliation: A Breakthrough!

My Hubert Humphrey Fellowship is almost coming to an end. I have already started to take a look at my list of things that I “should have” and “shouldn’t have” done in the last eight months. The time has elapsed with the blink of an eye. Suddenly, I feel the rush to do so many things that I wish I could have done.

Time flies like rocket! A Humphrey’s time flies even faster!

As a compulsory component of the fellowship, we are all required to do a professional affiliation with an organization related to our professions. It’s actually an internship in simple words but we get “offended” if you call it an internship because we prefer to be called, “mid-career professionals”. Time for a break. Time for the egos to shine!

The unpaid (ugh!) affiliation lasts for six weeks. It can be be either a local or an out of the state affiliation. I have been working too hard in the last two months to clinch an affiliation.

Finally, got good news this morning from the the Poynter Institute, a 36-year old prominent school of coaching and training for journalists and writers, which accepted me for the affiliation.  I have already been at the Poynter twice. That said, I will be required to move to St. Petersburg in Florida to start my affiliation and say goodbye to Phoenix.

I will start my affiliation in May.

I am checking out with delight!


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