Blogging for Beginners (Tony Zeoli)

Tony Zeoli of the University of North Carolina speaking about Blogging at ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism during American Copy Editors Association 15th National Conference (March 17-19, 2011)

Starting at 10:45 a.m in Cronkite Room 252, this session was a lot more technical than I had anticipated. I thought it would start with learning how to create a blog and make an entry. It was a lot more informative for me to understand the technical parts of blogging.

Tony Zeoli of the University of North Carolina spoke   predominantly about WordPress; the difference between and and different web hosts.

” Don’t create a million categories on your blog,” he instructed, “you can have many sub-categories.” He also warned the learners to “never ever ever ever” download free  insecure wordpress themes.

I learned the better use of trackback and media library sections of my blog.

I asked Tony about the use of tags on WordPress out of my bad and greedy habit of offering a lot of tags. He suggested that the standard number of tags to be used in post is five to six.  “Ten or twenty tags,” he said, “is a wastage of your time and you are trying to trick the system.”

He said Search Engine Optimization did not only come through excessive tagging only.

“It’s the contents on your blog, your online contacts and the frequency of the blog posts that will popularize your blog and establish your credibility,” Tony said.

You can see Tony’s slides by clicking here.

It is the lunch break now! Cya.

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