The Raven Review

We visited the Journalism class of Presscott College for Arts. Presscott is also designated  as “Arizona’s Christmas City”. Our meeting with the faculty and students of this little but impressive school was phenomenal. The students at the journalism school take out a sixteen-page newspaper called The Raven Review. It is a stupendous paper brought out by a small yet dedicated staff.
We received a warm reception from the folks in the journalism class; had food before the conversation on the media and the Review began.
As we got our copies of the Review, met with some of their staff writers who regularly contribute to the paper. For instance, I met, among other great people, Simone Crowe, Editor of the Review whose interesting story “Uranium Mining Jeopardizes Grand Canyon Communities” is published in the latest paper.
What is very striking about this team is the fact that it is churning out remarkable contents with a skeleton staff. If you look at the paper, each staff writer often contributes four to five stories in one edition of the paper. This clearly shows the heavy workload these young contributors have to confront while endeavoring to inform and educate their readers. It indeed requires a lot of professional commitment, marathon speed and command on umpteen of topics to work for such a qualitative paper.


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