“You have to Stay Positive”

Rarely do we read some good, positive or call it motivating news in the morning papers at our breakfast. One such pleasant story I read this morning was published in The Arizona Republic about McDonald’s decision to offer 1,000 new job openings.
The story by Jahna Berry includes some optimistic quotes from a 57-year old Phoenix resident Dena Frazier who also applied for a job on Tuesday. Jahna, a former truck dispatcher who has been looking for work since November, said she had applied for about 200 jobs.
Then came my favorite quote in the story: “You can’t be discouraged. You have to stay positive.
Dena even does not have the experience of working at a restaurant but says confidently “I don’t have a lot of (restaurant) experience, but I am hoping to get my foot in the door and show my dependability.”
This is the spirit. Never give up.
This particular story and Dena’s quotes made my day. As compared to Dena, I am too young, only 27. I remember when I recently started to apply for a professional affiliation as a part of my fellowship, I began to lose hope and started to whine only after applying at around ten organizations. I thought that was it and I would never succeed.
Another student, Christian Ortega, 19, was quoted in the same story saying that he had applied for at least 50 positions and had had only one job interview.
He says, “You can’t give up on getting a job. You can’t lose hope.”


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