Moin Akhtar: The Legend Is Dead

The biggest legend of Pakistani comedy, Moin Akhtar, 61, has once again flabbergasted us.

This time with his shocking death. He breathed his last in Karachi after a fatal heart attack.

For me, Moin symbolized a perfect actor with an extraordinary talent. He was Pakistan’s best comedian and an inspiring television anchorperson.

My first introduction with him via television dates back to early 1990s during the days of PTV-2 (Pakistan Television). The first time I saw him was in drama Rozi in which he had played a girl’s role. But his dialogues on what forced him to act like a female made me his fan forever.

Throughout the years, I have endeavored to convince my friends that Moin was a greater comedian than Umer Sharif. Some disagreed while the others admitted that Moin had many more talents besides comedy which made him a better actor than Umar Sharif. In serious roles, Moin was indeed the best anchor person and an outstanding interviewer.

The troika of Moin Akhtar, Anwar Maqsood and Bushra Ansari set a standard of proper comedy in Pakistan.

Oftentimes, people who make us laugh actually end up making us cry because of their remarkable personality.

“A Moin Akhtar will never get birth,” commented leading actor Talat Hussain.

Umer Sharif, South Asia’s best comedian, cried while commented about Moin which is, I believe, the greatest tribute paid to the legend.

2 Responses to “Moin Akhtar: The Legend Is Dead”
  1. Tania Mirza says:

    May his soul rest in peace in heaven, for more about Moin Khan death.

  2. Anonymous says:

    moin aktahr was a fantaisti person and he had a soft heart.jahanzaib shah

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