The End of Insurgency?

Baloch nationalist leader Bramdagh Bugti, 30, has spoken for the first time since fleeing from Afghanistan to seek asylum in Switzerland. The New York Times has not only run a fresh profile-like story about Mr. Bugti but also shared an unseen picture of the popular guerrilla leader.

In the fresh get-up, Mr. Bugti looks like a Citibank executive.

There was nothing new in the interview except one striking quote:

“Though Mr. Bugti says he supports only peaceful political activism rather than armed resistance, he does share the rebels’ demand for independence for the Baluch.”

In the past Bramdagh clearly supported the Baloch armed resistance movement by justifying it under the umbrella of “self-defence” although there is no public evidence of his direct association with any armed groups.

The Baloch Republican Party (BRP), a political outfit which was founded by Mr. Bugti rejected parliamentary politics but always offered unconditional support to the Baloch armed groups locally known as sarmachars. [Freedom fighters]

Bramdagh’s BRP had recently pulled out of the pro-resistance-until-independence Baloch National Front (BNF), a group of different political organizations and civil rights groups because of latter’s scathing and consistent criticism of the Balochistan National Party.

We also know that Bramdagh has disowned some of his interviews in the past. He may say he’d been misquoted again if his fresh interview generates a new wave of restlessness among his followers.

However, if Mr. Bugti decides to publicly support peaceful struggle over the armed resistance in the future, this will tremendously upset the ongoing Baloch insurgency mainly in Jaffarabad, Naseerabad, Kohlu, Sibi and Dera Bugti districts on the borders of Sindh and Punjab provinces.

Bramdagh’s charisma is more widespread than his grandfather’s, Nawab Akbar Bugti. He is extremely loved by middle class educated youth all over the province. His withdrawal from supporting the armed resistance, if it ever happens, will be a crucial milestone in the current movement?

We have to wait and see whether it was a misquote or a policy change from Mr. Bugti, a message for which he chose a major global publication like the New York Times as the channel.

6 Responses to “The End of Insurgency?”
  1. Changezi says:

    Its a big news. A retreat by Bramdagh Bugti would de-escalate the ongoing insurgency in Baluchistan. It would be a hopeful sign for the peoples of Baluchistan. But, the Baloch grievances must be addressed at any cost by the federal government and military establishment including its notorious secret agencies. Otherwise, the Baloch insurgency would still be an unfinished episode.

  2. Freedom says:

    Asylum in Europe is never given to those who are actively involved in supporting, directing or having participated in an on-going armed conflict. Under such conditions, do you really think Bramdagh Bugti would be able or stupid enough to openly associate himself with the Baloch armed-struggle of the liberation movement while having sought asylum in Switzerland? Of course he can not do such a thing while based in the West. He has given a very vague but nuanced response to the New York Times.

  3. Rajkarok says:

    well he is beloved all around the world in baloch communities and he is a brave baloch sarmachar , I think he is smart enough not to break the hearts of specially baloch youths who admire him more than any one except sardar marri, and giving their lives for baloch cause but its too early to judge him we should wait and see what really he is coming up with for future .i am just glad to see him in such a great look he deserves it and hoping for his well being .

  4. Yageebaloch says:

    Bramdagh Bugti is real hero of Baloch history and I agree with him to 99% Baloch need freedom

  5. Dear Malik ! i am very optimist about your stay in US after this flattery of your pakistani masters but it is completely an unsuccessfull attempt to distort the image of our leader Mir Brahumdagh bugti. try next time with a better one after recieving a good lecture from ur pakistani masters,he would only be a stupid who would not understand why “Mir Brahumdagh” said that he do not support violent struggle….Baloch are simpleton but not fool that you will make them fool by such disgusting conversation

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