A Talk-Show That Resembled an India-Pakistan Cricket Match

It was so much like a cricket match.

To be accurate, it was like an India-Pakistan cricketing event.

I have one more reason to bill this talk-show as a cricket competition:

My favorite team (guess which one? Marvi Eleven, of course!) did not play well at the outset. Our team lost a couple of wickets without scoring very well.

An extraordinary talk-show on Express TV today brought two of Pakistan’s staunches liberals and hardliners face to face.

Maravi Sarmad, a progressive journalist, quashed Zaid Hamid, a self-proclaimed Pakistani nationalist, with her knowledge and cogent arguments. After the first part of the talk-show, one felt Mr. Hamid was wounded, exhausted, left with nothing but mere rhetoric and mislabeling.

“What can we debate now?” he asked, indicating that he wanted an end to humiliation, ” the show will end in two minutes!”

“You care for Kashmir but do not worry about Balochistan,”she exclaimed.

“Why should Muslims “give” rights to the religious minorities in Pakistan? Who are we to “give” equal rights? Why can’t all of the people enjoy equal rights regardless of the religion they follow?”

I have never blogged about a talk-show in Pakistan. Today, I just felt it was one of the best discussion I had ever watched on a Pakistani television channel. Marvi Sarmad did a spectacular job and proved once again that knowledge and logic always overpower rhetoric. You can bring down the monster of hate with arguments and convincing debate.


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