Peer Learning

This is going tot be the 701st post  on my blog. In the recent times, I have not been blogging regularly but only posting my own published articles and editorials. Last night, I was further motivated to continue blogging after a Hubert Humphrey Fellow from Pakistan told me that she had been following my blog even when she was in Pakistan. She’d found my blog after getting selected for the Fellowship program.

“At times you don’t realize,” she said, “that you are silently inspiring some people.”

It is truly encouraging if some people get a chance to read  this blog and subsequently follow their personal and professional dreams. I have always said we need to dream big. If you have small dreams, you will have small achievements.

During this week, I have received at least five Facebook messages from different parts of Balochistan in which young people are telling me that they want to become journalists to make a difference. Most of us in the field have argued time and again that journalism is not a profession but a passion. I get the same feeling when I read all these messages, some of which come from kids belonging to rich families who attend grammarian schools while the others stem from rural areas. All of them have one thing in common: They want to leave an impression and do something which influences some people.

In order to accomplish something in one’s life, one has to look at the big established names in the profession to establish the base of what you want to do but one should also and always communicate and emulate one’s contemporaries. You have to know what your friends are doing in a particular sphere of life. You should also learn from their abilities to stay happy and overcome challenges when they are confronted with some hardships.

There is this friend of mine from Karachi who is almost tired of hearing this story from me every time when I am asked how I chose to become an English journalist. She may be very humble about it, but I have no qualms in admitting that it was a friend of my age who inspired me to write in English. What I am trying to say is this, you do not only learn from great, great people. Even people in your classrooms and offices have remarkable lessons to teach you. They can change your life. Do not underestimate people around you. Learning is a constant process and we keep learning excellent lessons from people who are round us.

I had made up my mind to become an English language journalist in 2003 after attending the Young Leaders’ Conference in Karachi. I always argue that YLC is a life-changing event. If your life does not change after attending the six-day long residential program then you have truly got a problem my friend.

I read some articles written by some of the participants of the conference who were of my age.  I wondered if they could do it, why couldn’t I? And that is how I began my journey toward journalism.

So do keep looking around. Do engage into conversations with your peers who are doing something remarkably well in their respective professions.

One Response to “Peer Learning”
  1. Marjanarbab says:

    Well ! Sometime u do learn from people whatever they do around you. But u should add one more point that other times some people do somthing which nobody does around them!!!…. 5 years back hardly a few knew what blogging is when u n i started it. So u dont just learn from others. U learn frm your self realization….

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