Living Is Better Than Dying

So what next? Most of my friends ask me after reading about the acceptance of my asylum request in the United States. It is a very valid question. I think the most important task for educated young Balochs is to address the question of  our distinctive Baloch identity. Who is a Baloch? If you are a Baloch and you have lived in the Middle East, Europe or USA, I am sure people will ask you after a ten-minute conversation, “but you don’t sound like any other Pakistani!”.

To me, that is the right time to tell the world that you are not someone who succumbs to hateful textbooks. You do not hate people because of the religion or sect they follow. You are someone who stands for equality among human beings. If you can’t correct a mess, don’t at least contribute to it. Let’s make it clear that we’d like to integrate with the rest of the world. Let’s not ghettoize ourselves when we are in the US or anywhere in the world because we do not believe in division of people on the name of religion.

For the Baloch youths, it is very important first of all to get out of the romance of ‘dying for my motherland.’ Why on the earth do we love to die? Let’s stop it. Let’s ‘live’ to help our people. Do you know those who live serve their people in a better way than those who die or get killed for their nations?

In the 21st century, you don’t have to shed your blood to serve your nation. You can achieve more at a lesser cost? How? Spend more time at conferences, seminars, meetings, think-tanks, presentations. Write as much as you can.  Use Twitter and Facebook (but NOT With your real name if you are inside Pakistan or Iran—- koshanthey! [They will kill you]). Why do you have to shed your blood, when lectures, meetings with policymakers, professors, writers and journalists can do the whole job? When you stand for universal human rights, equality then be proud of what values you stand for. Don’t mince words.

A Baloch friend from Karachi, who is studying in China, rightly told me yesterday, “If you introduce Balochistan with 50 people in the United States, you have done a remarkable job.” If you don’t do it, people will never know that.  Trust me, I have never ever been ashamed of calling myself a Baloch anywhere in the world because people instantly figured out, “Oh, so you are not one of those…”.And I am like, “of course, I am not. Are you crazy?”

10 Responses to “Living Is Better Than Dying”
  1. buzzburza says:

    Mengal was surprised I knew what Bugti meant. There are only two things that really matter: life and dealth. All else is secondary and negotiable.

  2. shastun says:

    my bro it depends to time and situation if u dont fight against them u will not get what u want but the fact z some1 fights with gun but some with pen. i think we need both.

  3. Shakeel Baloch says:

    Mani Waja, you r right to some some extent but i still disagree with on some of your points. first those who think that there could be death for them if they participated in a separatist movement they can never bring a change. second though through attending seminars and conferences some one can promote the cause but can every single member of slave nation participate in conferences and seminars abroad and third is it depends upon the situation on the ground. i 2day if those leaders and other members of our society who r becoming successful in acquiring political asylum abroad to highlight the cause in because of the blood of those martyres who died for their land and nation.

  4. Owasy Jan Baloch says:

    that is exactly how we need to think. malik i second what you are saying but honestly at some point i might disagree. i mean even if you are doing social networking facebook twitter youtube blogging etc. you will need to share your views by doing this but while you will be having to keep your data hidden like underground. but anyhow it is still possible which is very good. but how are we suppose to sit in a press conference or any public place and give our opinion in an open ground and share our point of views or suggestion for the change. where we are directly visible to the counter revolutionary forces (pigistani elements) when they (pigistani enemies) are making list of those who ever’s views are revolutionary or opposite to them or simply dangerous for the survival of their artificial state. they are trying to kill all of them and dump their dead bodies on road side one by one via their secret intelligence and nobody whether our friends or relatives will be able to know what happen. i am not disagreeing with your points at all. in the conclusion i will say while living here we need to find different new ways and awareness always to protect our self from them as much as possible while doing something for our greater national interest. our means not pakistan iran or afghanistan but Greater Balochistan.

  5. Owasy Jan Baloch says:

    by the way i am impressed by your writing over all. and in this one specially the last sentence. mani dilay habar thao dar koth.
    “Oh, so you are not one of those…”.And you are like, “of course, I am not. Are you crazy?” 😛 rasthin gappi 🙂

  6. Salah Baloch says:

    Promoting a cause is of course very important , but fight for that cause is much more important !
    Of course the intention of the fighter should not be only Death , but bringing a change while death is a possibility not a goal.

    Do you think that Libya would be free today if Libyans did not fight out Qaddafi in battlefield ?

  7. Owasy Jan Baloch says:

    yup everywhere in the world it happens in the same way it is human nature, i agree, i am just saying ma hanchu kaar bikanee o harch roochi nookin zariya o tareeka sawaaz bikani k maara may jaan o maal ah kum se kum nuksaan bb o may dushmina ziada se ziada. agha mah idah balochistan ah ya karachia nishthagi gura..

  8. Marjanarbab says:

    I think You are very right at your point……living is better than dying…

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