Congressional Hearing Brings Baloch Diaspora to DC

It is not important how unfair C. Christine Fair is with the Baloch. There is a lot more to add to Wednesday’s Congressional hearing on Balochistan. The event has at least provided the Balochs of United States and Canada to get together. I have known many Baloch politicians, writers and professors but I had never met them before. Now, they are all telling me that they are coming to DC to attend the much-hyped meeting. I jokingly told the Canadian Baloch delegation, which is arriving in DC tomorrow, that the atmosphere was reminiscent of the  BSO’s council session in Quetta. Whenever the BSO organizes its annual session, student activists travel from all parts of Balochistan to attend.

The hearing is also getting a lot of attention from the supporters and friends of Balochistan from other communities such as the Sindhis, Tamils and Kurds. Of course the Indian and Pakistani embassies in Washington DC are also going to closely monitor the hearing.  You may ask what is the big deal about the hearing. Well, it is a big deal. Even the assemblies and standing committees in other three Pakistani provinces do not discuss Balochistan and it is an important occasion for the Balochs that they issue is being debated in a powerful US congressional committee.

I am not sure how many Pakistani television channels and newspaper will run the story about the hearing, but the entire press corps of the Pakistani American journalists is also showing up. So for, I have asked several friends if they are coming and they tell me, “of course I am, what do you mean?”


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