Pakistan Vs. Balohistan

By Malik Siraj Akbar Pakistan has further accelerated violence against its ethnic Baloch minority following an unprecedentedhearing of the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs which voiced deep concern over the appalling human rights violations allegedly committed by the army in the country’s largest province of Balochistan. While Pakistan’s foreign office, the embassy in Washington, D.C. … Continue reading

A hearing on Balochistan that stirs up new tensions between U.S. and Pakistan

By Malik Siraj Akbar An extraordinary hearing of the U.S. Congressional Committee on Foreign Affairs on February 8 exclusively focusing on Pakistan’s restive Balochistan province has triggered new diplomatic tensions between Washington D.C. and Islamabad. At least five members of the U.S. Congress belonging to both the Democratic and the Republican parties and a retired … Continue reading

Is the PPP a friend or a foe of the Baloch?

Forget about Interior Minister Rehman Malik. The madness shown by Senator Raza Rabbani and Pakistan’s new ambassador to Washington DC, Sherry Rehman,  over last week’s highly successful Congressional hearing on Balochistan reflects a very interesting fact: No matter how liberal some Pakistanis claim to be, their liberalism immediately transforms into hypocrisy when it comes to … Continue reading

Killing Settlers Will Kill the Baloch Movement

Two highly respected defenders of human rights hailing from our planet’s most credible human rights watchdogs, the Amnesty International and Human Rights watch, spoke at length about Pakistani state’s brutalities against the Baloch people during their testimonies at the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Wednesday. They drew the attention of the highly powerful … Continue reading

Congress’s Landmark Balochistan Hearing

Wednesday’s hearing on Balochistan of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs was a spectacular success under every standard for the Baloch nationalist movement. Chaired by Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican congressman from California, the hearing was attended by four more congressmen, bringing together members of America’s two most important political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, … Continue reading

Balochistan’s Big Washingtonian Day

Today’s congressional hearing at the US House of Representative Foreign Affairs Committee exclusively focusing on Balochistan is a big day in our history. The Baloch, unfortunately, may not be there on the panel to represent themselves in this historic hearing but they still have every reason to rejoice this moment which has come after a … Continue reading

Congressional Hearing Brings Baloch Diaspora to DC

It is not important how unfair C. Christine Fair is with the Baloch. There is a lot more to add to Wednesday’s Congressional hearing on Balochistan. The event has at least provided the Balochs of United States and Canada to get together. I have known many Baloch politicians, writers and professors but I had never … Continue reading

US Congressional hearing may spell trouble for Pakistan

By Malik Siraj Akbar The United States (US) Committee on Foreign Affairs is set to convene acongressional hearing on Wednesday (February 8), for an exclusive discussion on Balochistan. The extraordinary event has generated great interest among followers of Pakistan-US relations, as the allies’ mutual relationship seems to be deteriorating. The powerful House of Representatives committee oversees … Continue reading