Bad Communicators

I attended a unique session at the Library of Congress, the world’s largest library, where I had the opportunity of meeting with the librarians of various universities and think-tanks. A representative of the LOC introduced the visiting librarians about the available collection of books on Pakistan.
The Library staff talked about the problems of getting books and material about Pakistan. I was mainly struck by one point they raised: Universities and libraries in Pakistan are horrible in communicating via email. When the library of Congress or any other organization writes to some local resources in Pakistan for help, unfortunately, they never get a response from there.
“Do you know why?” asked the librarian.
I did not have a clear explanation I. Support of the indolent Pakistani librarians but I thought Pakistani organizations, both government and non-government, have still not developed a culture of adopting emailing as an effective way of professional communication.
“You know what?” the librarian said, ” India and Bangladesh are so good with email communication. I don’t know why the same form of communication does not work for Pakistan?”
I truly hope someone somewhere does something to fix this problem.


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