Award of Hellman-Hammett Grant

The New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) has decided to grant me a Hellman-Hammett Grant for this year. I was formally informed about the decision by the manager of the Selection Process via email.

According to the HRW, “The Hellman/Hammett grants assist writers who have suffered persecution as a result of their work, and are in financial need. In addition to offering individuals financial assistance, by highlighting individual cases, they are intended to help focus attention on repression of free expression.

“The grant program is funded by the estate of the late American playwright Lillian Hellman. Ms. Hellman’s bequest was prompted by her experiences and those of her companion, the novelist Dashiell Hammett. Hellman and Hammett were both interrogated about their political beliefs and affiliations by congressional committees in the United States. Hellman suffered professionally and had trouble finding work for a number of years. Hammett served time in prison.”


One Response to “Award of Hellman-Hammett Grant”
  1. Anonymous says:

    congratulation Waja ,May God give you more…

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