Author Spotlight: An Interview With Malik Siraj Akbar

diplomatThe Diplomat’s Sanjay Kumar spoke with journalist and author Malik Siraj Akbar about the Baloch nationalist movement, Pakistan’s involvement in the many missing Balochs, and the experiences that drove him to seek asylum in the U.S. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

5 Responses to “Author Spotlight: An Interview With Malik Siraj Akbar”
  1. Nazeer says:

    You loose credibility when you take solace from Hindu-Indian diplomats and journalists. This is below the dignity of a Muslim Baloch

  2. Nazeer says:

    You are correct The Diplomat is not class of people i this case. It was a lower cased d which was misleading.
    It is not a matte of discrimination, rather matter of credibility. The Hindu-Indian journalist in matters related to Pakistani matters has little credibility. By giving them your time you make a choice. Discriminate in their favor.

    • It is never wrong to talk to anyone—Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Christian etc. You have to be open to all and speak to all. If you are not a criminal or thief, you should not hide your identity, views etc. I know most Pakistanis hate Hindus because of the text books they are exposed to. Fortunately, I am not that type. So, I do not share your anguish because, as stated before, I do not dislike people based on their religion or country.
      I appreciate your feedback to my blog and the interview. Keep visiting. Have a great day.

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