School Decision

I have finally made up my mind: I am going to Harvard.

The Columbia Journalism School, where I also got accepted for the Master’s Program, had always been my dream school. But I see more benefits in an MPA from Harvard [Kennedy School of Government] for me in terms of career advancement. I believe I can always get back to journalism without necessarily getting a degree in it at this point in my career. I would like to deepen my academic understanding of critical issues and learn new skills. The good thing about going to Harvard is that students will also be allowed to take classes at two other prestigious schools i.e.  M.I.T. and the Fletcher School.

Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Boston to attend the New Admit and One Harvard orientations in Cambridge, the town where Harvard Kennedy School is located.  Until more updates, enjoy this HKS Happy video.



3 Responses to “School Decision”
  1. naseer ahmed says:

    Best of Luck Malik

  2. Anonymous says:

    All the best Akbar

  3. hinabaloch says:

    wow sir .congrates

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