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Malik Siraj Akbar (No permission required to use this picture or other material from this blog)

Fulbright-recipient Malik Siraj Akbar is a journalist, blogger and a democracy defender. Akbar graduated from
Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government with a Master’s degree in Public Administration as an Edward Mason Fellow. At Harvard, Akbar was elected as the Vice President Communications at the Kennedy School Student Government (KSSG) and served as the Online Editor of the Citizen, Kennedy School’s Campus newspaper. 

Akbar is a Contributing Writer at the Huffington Post and a former Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington D.C. where he researched Threats to Defenders of Democracy in Pakistan, particularly in the province of Balochistan.

Akbar is the founder and the editor of The Baloch Hal, Balochistan’s first online English language newspaper. Previously, he was a Hubert Humphrey Fellow at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication of Arizona State University. As a part of the Humphrey Fellowship Program, he served as a visiting journalist at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), a project of Center for Public Integrity, Washington D.C. in 2011. He was a visiting journalist at the Poynter Institute, Florida in June 2011.


In October 2011, the US government granted Akbar political asylum considering threats of persecution based on his writings critical of the Pakistani government’s policies in his native Balochistan. In an interview with NPR, Jason Dzubow, Akbar’s lawyer, described him as his “strongest” and “most ideal client” to qualify for political asylum.


As a political analyst, Akbar has been interviewed and quoted by several national and international media and human rights organizations such as CNNAljazeera,  the New York Timesthe Examiner, the Huffington PostWashington Times, B.B.C. UrduVoice of AmericaRadio Canada International, Deutsche Welle, the Guardianthe Hindu, the New Indian Express, International Herald Tribune, Reuters, the DiplomatMcclatchyExpress TribuneDawnDaily TimesThe News InternationalGARA (Spanish), Geo News, Headlines Today, News TV One, Saama TVPakistan TelevisionVash TV, KTN, Radio Gwank, Radio Balochistan, Sindh TV, HD Net (USA), IPSThe Political Notebook, International Crisis GroupHuman Rights Watch, Asia Society, Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA), Asian Human Rights Commission, Committee to Protect Journalists, Reporters Without Borders and several others. 


CNN described Malik as “one of the youngest bureau chiefs in Pakistan’s largest and most dangerous province, Balochistan, who gained access to the region’s most influential politicians and tribal leaders.” The Spanish newspaper GARA called Akbar “one of the most authoritative voices on one of the longest running conflicts [Balochistan]”. The Washington Post called him “a soft-spoken but steely man”. The BBC News termed him a “victim of the tough stance taken by the Pakistani government.” According to Al-Jazeera English, he “talks passionately and movingly of the hundreds of Baloch who have been brutally killed by the security agencies.” Huffington Post Live called Malik “a real mouthpiece for the oppressed”. A Newsweek Pakistan article mentioned him as the “star Baloch reporter of his generation”.


In November 2010, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) banned The Baloch Hal because of its fiercely objective and critical editorial policy. Akbar termed the  ban undemocratic, a “ban on expression” and vowed to fight in spite of all the challenges. Pakistan’s most circulated English language newspaper, The News, deplored the ban on The Baloch Hal. The BBC featured Akbar and his online newspaper as a successful example of online journalism in Balochistan.


Akbar’s book The Redefined Dimensions of Baloch Nationalist Movement was released in the United States of America in 2011.


He has extensively covered the military operation in Balochistan, Baloch nationalist movement, issue of enforced disappearances, target killings, sectarian violence; secrete Taliban operations in Balochistan, women’s rights issues, lawyers’ movement, religious radicalization of Baloch society and several natural disasters and issues of press freedom. As a journalist, Akbar has covered several local and general elections held in Balochistan.

Akbar served as the Balochistan Bureau Chief of Pakistan’s leading English language newspaper Daily Times and its sister publication in Urdu, Daily Aajkal, for several years. He contributed political analysis from Balochistan to The Friday Times, Pakistan’s first independent English weekly.

His articles have been published in two of Pakistan’s most reputed current affairs magazines, Herald and Newsline. He blogs at Foreignpolicy blogs and freelances for Dawn.com. His work has also appeared in Chicago Tribune, the Times of India, the Hindu and Express Tribune.


Born in Panjgur District on July 9, 1983, Akbar matriculated from the Government Model High School in Chitkan, district headquarter of Panjgur in Balochistan, in 1999. He earned his B.A. in 2003 in Political Science, Sociology and Balochi literature from the Government Degree College Panjgur. He attended the prestigious Asian College of Journalism (ACJ), Chennai, India, to get a post-graduate diploma in Print Journalism while specializing in politics, gender and identities politics. He is the first Pakistani male journalist to be awarded South Asia Foundation (SAF) Media Scholarship which took him to ACJ.  Akbar holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Balochistan and a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Akbar began his journalism career at the age of 16 by writing a weekly column, Commentary Box in the Karachi-based Prime Sports. His writings mainly focused on Cricket. In 1999, he worked for Daily Kohistan, an Urdu newspaper published from Quetta, as its stringer in his home district of Panjgur. He also worked as a reporter for Daily Balochistan Express for which he later on worked as a staff member.


Akbar wrote Hiraath Kadha (Wonderland) a regular political column in Quetta-based Urdu language newspaper Daily Asaap while he also wrote Gosha-e-Chashm (A Glimpse), another political column in Daily Azadi, Quetta. In Daily Aaj Kal, an Urdu language newspaper published simultaneously from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, he wrote a weekly political diary focusing on Balochistan. His Urdu writings have also been published in respected Lahore-based weekly magazine, Hum Sheri.


As a professional media trainer, Akbar trained one hundred (100) rural journalists of Balochistan on Media, Democracy and Human Rights in five phases under a project by Balochistan Institute for Development with the collaboration of the US-based National Endowment for Democracy. In addition, Akbar worked with international organizations like ActionAid Pakistan and Oxfam as an independent researcher on the issue of Balochistan’s internally displaced persons (IDPs).


Akbar is a member of several international journalists’ organizations such as the USA-based, National Press Club Washington DC,   Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ), South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA), American Copy Editors Society (ACES) and Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE).

ALUMNI Associations

Harvard University Alumni Association; Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Association; Harvard Kennedy School Washington D.C. Alumni Association, U.S. Department of State AlumniInWent Alumni, Germany, Young Leaders Conference Alumni, Pakistan


Akbar has spoken on Balochistan in national and international conferences at University of California Berkeley, George Washington University, the American University, George Mason University, Arizona State University, the New America Foundation, National Endowment for Democracy, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and different institutions.


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  1. Hey , I came across your blog about the hand written Urdu Newspaper Musalman published from Triplicane in India , from last November. Do you have contact details of the editor ?

  2. Salaam Malik Sahib,

    I have read a few of your articles and I have found them very informative. Masha’Allah you write very well. Actually I was looking for your contact details but so far I have not been able to find one. Is it possible for you to contact me via my e.mail address, accessible through the admin section of your blog. Please also visit my website which is http://www.khadimsquetta.com

    I would appreciate if you could get back to me.

    Many thanks

    Khadim Durrani

  3. Dear Mir Siraj Akbar
    Its Omair Rauf Baloch a CA student from Balochistan. I read the interview of the elderly Nawab Khair Buksh Marri and was very impressed from your job. I hope you will continue to bring such good articles for us. Can u tell me more about you sir.

    Thank You

  4. salam MS akbar hopful u r fit and fine and doing well for balochs and bring us top of the word.our best wishes are alwayas with you we are looking forword to see on the sky, you are truly a stunning person becz i ve seen so close for long time , we realy miss you young panjgures are looking your way to come and show the right path.MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU.


  5. hey sir jeeeeeeeee u r really graet and i hope u will b da one that he will 4inds his manzil e maqsood (inshallah) alwys missssssss uuu urs aziz iqbal my contact 2 u only 03346915966

  6. thank you so much Ilyas and Aziz for your kind words. Well, I know it has been a long time since we met each other… I am so delighted that you guys still remember me. I would love to hear from you people.
    Aziz, I tried your cell phone once but it was off.

  7. Hi Sir Siraj Akbar,
    Im realy glade to see your articles and posts anywhere on net or in papers.
    I have no words to say about you as comments.

    I hope that you as a writter will always writes about BALOCH and BALOCHISTAN.

    Umer Jaan Gichki Baloch.

  8. Dear,siraj
    i wuold say that you are doing in stunning job in balochistan media.you were a hidden diamond.i was deeply impressed by your stunning way of writing articles but make them more musical like andre cojise.iam hopefull that you will give me a diamond chance to put up my guts in journalism and i think so that you are a hope of ray.well iam one of yours sdent.i wish you will except the compliments from the core of your innocent heart.i will be seeking for yours argent reply. with best wishes jahanzaib shahwani.

  9. dear siraj
    you have just forgotten us dear.i hope that yuo will continue the episode of writing exotic articles for the public and also write the relaistic articles for us.as a compliment for me contunue this great passion. urgently reply.
    jahanzaib shah chiktan bazar

  10. well i am really impressed by your commitment. the way you have highlited the mysterious killings of the innoncent childs its apprecible. you should also highlite the hidden heroies. give us a golden oppurtunity being a journalist. that s my ufone 03342487542

  11. siraj bhai salam”
    You great job its very good site for us to know the truth news about quetta city.
    thanks alot siraj bhai
    God bless you

  12. Hi siraj be happy and live a long

    Thanks a lot to highlight Bloch’s struggle.I hope you will continue

    your job .

  13. Hi Siraj,

    Be happy and live a long thank you so much to highlight baloch case i hope you will continue ur job.


  14. I want to thank you friends for your kind words. You friends give me courage to maintain this blog. It is hard to carry on but you friends make it possible.

  15. You are doing a stunning job and it is very impressive. Your articles have a good effect on the readers. I think you would start a fect finding analysation. i hope you for a good job.

  16. Dear, Sir Siraj Sahib
    I have been a fan of you since years but my bad luck was that i was unable to get your writings in past. i tried my level best to find your pricious articles so sme of them i got from a friend then some from your brother Sir Mahammed sahib and now i am very glad that i can get them easly here.
    i thank ALLAH to award us such a gift like Sir Siraj Sahib.

  17. Sir,
    I am your fan for years because of your brilliant work and being a Baloch and become a English writer.It has been said that hardwork always pays , you have shown it to us practicaly.
    we are proud to have you a God gifted,in Panjgur.you are the modle we have chosen you as our ideal and we expect more advice from you.

  18. Waja Shumay Chay Halain!
    Waja baz dairen ma shuma namelletagan.If memorry serves me accurately We just overwived each other on SBK(WU) gate months before,and on the other day it was your departure to panjgur so were unable to mengle each other, Missing you,
    Any way it goes without saying that Your Work is really such a window through which every thing is crystal clear…
    Our best regards alwys with you..
    Best Regards

    1. Waja Naimat, maan shomy minata giran k shoma mani blog visit korth o wathi gran bahaeen comments ham dathan. maan wash o jode hun. tahi gap rasth inth k arocha mani o thai mulakat both na kroth. if you are in quetta. let’s meet up some day, or maybe tomorrow as its a sunday.

  19. Menath waran waja M Siraj Akbar shumay yakdam reply kanagay.waja hanun ma wathee mathee hankainaon.yani panjgur, harwahda mn Shaal aa kaheen gudan allam gonshuma nend o neyad kaneen. Also thanks for your last night msgs on my cell phone. Take care,

  20. fantastic ,after all knowing that ur doing one of the best job for baloch people.to high light balochistan issue more and more.any way congratulation from my side for being an integral part of baloch.i will b much glade f u high light the basic issues of panjgur.I met with u n serene hotel do u remember! there s proverb which s famous for avenge of baloch .f stone s liquidized then no avenger of baloch.i hope ,u will reply me soon.

  21. G.Waja shumay on-line news mn visit kurth. Its very Inthralling and inspiring. We all are proud of your hard struggle.. thanks a bunch . enjoy.

  22. Salam wajahe brat,
    I always read your articles and i appreciate your
    work about Baloch and Balochistan Issues, We need more journalist like and i request you please write something about Karachi whats going on between MQM n Balochs. Mennatwar

  23. Salam dear sir,
    it is too long since we are in contact.my message will hopefully find you hale and hearty as you’ve ever been when we were togather.i came across your balochal recently.i think its not more than an honour for the beloved nation to be represented in such an outstanding manner. according to Grover Cleveland honor lies in honest toil and i am already convinced of your toil by beaing an eyewittness.i am increasingly impressed by your great move. hope your untiring zeal would bring more awareness among us and would produce more icons.Keep it up sir…….

  24. Hi, sir
    we heard a lot about you by the people especially by respected Sir Zahir.You have gotten the destination that you had ever wished.We recently read a article of yours(How Panjgoor is losing the battle).In which you compared the literacy rate with Turbat but you made the conclusion in favor of Turbat.We accept you precisely mentioned the truth in your article.You are not the only one who says Panjgoor is going backward in the field of education.Also other educated and prominent personalities say as you say.We want to ask all the educated people including you.What you people are doing for the improvement of education in Panjgoor?Nothing.You all are spending your lives in major cities. You people only see the results of competative examinations whether someone is there or not?In order to grasp the reasons of backwardness in the field of education.It is indispensable for educated people do visit in our educational institutions.and see the condition ,are our educational institutions in that condtion that can polish the the brain of children?If they can, then it means students are irresponsible.If they can not then it means you educated people are not fulfiling your role duly.

  25. happy new year form my side.before 09 ends,let me thank all d ppl lik u who made 09 memorable for me.I pray dat u b blessd wit fruitful year ahead.enjoy d last day of 2009.

  26. Who should do it…………………?
    By Zakir Hussain Shams

    With reference to respected Sir Malik Siraj Akbar’s article “How Panjgur is losing the battle” (Friday, September 25, 2009); In the Panjguri society, the positive social change has begun to reverse. And the language centers have started teaching the translation short Quranic verses, the six Kalimas and the religious prayers.

    According to me, with my least power of understanding, this is the positive change which has now begun in the society that we Muslims will know the fundamentals of Islam. So if the language centers have started teaching them along with the New American Streamline textbook, what is bad?

    After all we are Muslims and we need to learn the language of the English not their actions. They have formed “Perverted images” and “filthy words” in their textbooks and we as Muslims must condemn and reform them. They are notorious non-Muslims, salacious and nudist but we are not. As Muslims we can not ridicule Islam the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and it is our primary duty to condemn those who ridicule our religion.

    The enemies of Islam are making movies against the teachings of the Holy Quran, even they have urinated on the pages of our sacred book, the Holy Quran and we must make healthy criticism on such acts but unfortunately we do not possess real knowledge of Quran and Sunnah. Our knowledge about religion is based on what we have heard from others or read in some books. We need to edify ourselves and follow the footsteps of the Prophet of Islam, the benefactor for the entire humanity, Muhammad (SAW).

    To the next points of sir’s article, Turbat is home to more bookshops, libraries, academies, non-governmental organization, community-based organization and educational institutions. They all are because of the collectively struggle of the people of Turbat. They have handful of good educated souls and they are leading the society to a successful future. We can take the example of the single individual whose struggle opened a branch of Baluchistan University in the district.

    We also have a large number of well-known individuals, who have risen to the top positions but they are doing nothing for the progress of the society. We had and still have a thumping majority of good educated personalities and politicians but they don’t want the betterment of the society and we remain deprived of good education which is the chief defense of the nation. Instead of standing together in the struggle for the betterment, they are struggling for sake of their own petty selfish interests who, in my understanding, will lead Panjgurian to a life worse than death. They themselves have sent their children, brothers and sisters out of town for better education to explore their lives for better future. And they don’t care for others; nobody asks them why they don’t apply affective policies?

    The language centers which are which are trying their level best to make the students ready to face the global challenges and also as Muslims, are trying to aware them that there is God, the creator to whom we have to return. And there is a resurrection day, in which all the dead people will become alive again for judgment and a world next called “Akhirat”.

    But instead of appreciating the language centers which have a little contribution in making the Muslim Ummah ready for the Day of Judgment, the masterminds and the masters of pens are condemning them like ignorant.

    The writers who can rule the hearts and the minds of people and can bring complete changes by the power of their pens. As, in short we can take the example of the French poets, columnists and writers who brought a major change in the history of the world and are still known and admired for their task.

    We have great hopes that our writers, columnists and journalists will play a magnificent positive role, lighten the name of Islam and blow up new educated souls to the society.

    It is clear more concerned efforts are required to do it.

  27. Jihad is one of the divine injunctions which literally mean “striving to perform a definite task with full utilization of energy” and the technical term which is used on the base of Sharia is to strive fully with the utilization of energy, property, tongue, and the entire strength of the pen in order to maintain the supervision of Islam. If a Muslim lacks physical strength to face the infidels he must consume his property, if he lacks financial disability he must utilize his tongue, if he still lacks the vocal power then he must utilize his pen to encounter the enemy. In all of the options the use of “must” signifies the importance and the graveness of the injunction. Being the divine commandment it is obligatory for all of the Muslims to submit to it and avoid deviating from it.
    In the aforementioned description of one of the Islamic pillars, the last option is the utilization of pen. It is obvious that an illiterate person is unable to use pen to spread alertness among his nation against the upcoming dangers. This is understandably the responsibility of a well-awarded and competent individual to extend his knowledge to stir his nation. Same example can be cited to a person who develops sentiments for his people and strive to take them out from the obscurity of their social, political and educational, evolution, which can undoubtedly be the social jihad or strive for the well-being of his nation.
    The controversy brought up by a friend about a month ago in the same site with the reference to “How Panjgur is loosing the battle?” The writer has used a harsh language by awarding Mailk Siraj Akbar to achieve the goal of his life and settling in a metropolitan city to call the backwards loosing their battle. In the further lines of his explanation the writer had urged him including other mentors to visit their educational centers. During the educational history of Pangjgoor how many educators have visited our educational centers is I think numerous and what have been the consequences of those visits is also clear. If the visiting of the representatives or the learned ones had solved the problem of our backwardness then no any illiterate would be left in the country. What are really needed are the practical efforts to change the destiny of a nation. By merely disparaging and patting hands on the heads of the students would never make our battle win.
    I started my comments with the example of divine injunction because I want to clear that Malik Siraj Akbar has the potentiality of his pen to stir us. He by means of his pen stimulates us from our slumber, which has made us the rabbit in our race against other fellows who are acting as the tortoise and more ever he has elucidated that why we are becoming the victim of an unknown standstill regarding our battle of learning. How many libraries are built in our district so far and why they have been built is still not known by a greater part of our teenagers, not to ask about the use of them. If he has achieved the target of his life and settled in a metropolitan city then we must appreciate his target and the reason of his living their. I think his contribution is exclusive regarding our educational progress before being a journalist he burnt the mid-night oil to educate us. If he were not a well-wisher he would never attract our attention so effectively.

  28. Hi waja!
    Shumay Ch hallain. Waja shumay baz menath waar pa on-Line news paper aaa.
    Thanks a lot for your hard work to bring us news at our home.
    All is appreciatable. go on..
    best regards
    Lect n baloch.

  29. siraj bahi mien wo sari khubia hai jo ek mukamal sahafi me hone chahe .honone baluchistan ke hawam k sath sath balucho k leye jo khidmat sar injam di hai wo qabile tareef hai.mien siraj ki shakhsiyat or knowledge se bahot mutasir hoon .hamari dua hai siraj k saat hai God bless you sirj

  30. Asalam o Alaikum Malik siraj akbar and especially aplog bhut acha kam rhe hai mere duwa hai ap kamyb ho apnay maqsad mei .liken ap hamesha kise political ko he samnay latay hai kyu?media hum jese logo ke sab se bare taqat hai jo hmare awaz her jaga poncha sktay hai isliye muje express news per pora yaqeen hai ..mera nam imran soomro hai mei layyah ka ho bachpan mei he abu ke death ho gaye aur dada aur cacho ne abu ke fot honay ke bad nikal diya humay gher se mere pass apnay father ke ik photo tak nahi aur logo ne unhay kudha ka khof bhe karaya ke hai tu tumhara he khon liken un zalimo pe kuch asar nahi howa peso ke kami ke waja se parahi bhe khatam ho gaye.dada ne apnay 3 beto mei sare property taqseem ker de aur jo mera hisa 100 ekar (4 muaraby) banta tha nahi diya balkay jab manga tu muje logo se marwaya … wese ap log kehte hai SHABAZ SHARIF justice IFTIKHAR CH awam ke numainday hai inho ne kia kam kia hum jese maslomo ke liye … mene shabaz sharif sb ko khai letter likhay bus ik letter ata DPO se mil le mei DPO lyyah ke pass gya unho ne kha mei unhay bula ke samjao ge liken unho ne pesay de ke unhay bhe chup kerwa diya mene justice ifthikar sb ko ai letter likhay liken koi bhe jawab nahi aya …maslomo ka koi nahi mera ik bhai damagi mareez ban gya hai jis ke ilaj ke liye koi pesa nahi kanwari bhen bheti hoi hai ….ap he mera akhri shara ho please muje mera haq dela dei sare zindgi apko duwa do ga mei please muje ignore na kejiye ga please …ager aplogo ne bhe mere madad na ke mei ap ke office ke samnay he apnay apko agg laga donga kyu ke mere pass aur koi rasta nahi …malik siraj akbar please mere awaz chief justice of Pakistan tak poncha dei Allah is ka ajar dega apko bhut …muje intezar rhe ga ap muje kab bulwate hai .mere umeed ko na totnay dei please mera number 03124693460 hai imran soomro ….mere madad keri ap ko RAb ka wasta ….her banday ne jis ne madad ke liye sapnay dekhaye pesay kha ke chala gya ab tu mere pass kuch bhe nahi aplog he kuch ker dein mere liye hum beshara log hai
    thanking you,
    imran soomro

  31. Salam sir,
    it seems to be a distraction from you towards the blog that the fellows are showing little interest in writing in it.Bussiness might be the reason but i request to have a little glance over the blog so that the yuong generation must not be the victim of inferiority complex.They must be appreciated with thier writings and knowledge they share with you.However i will be obliged if you drage your attention towards my humble request and afford time to answer fellows who sound to be a bit disappointed by not being responded.
    Sir,believe me I love writing in your blog rather in your news paper but it is also true that The Rome Was Not Built In A Day.The practice is nessecary in each field of life and I belive writing is one of the most tiresome experiences and it requires some of the additional qualities to jot down something.Therefore I send one or two opinions each week to progress the sequence of my writing.So that I might start writing in your news paper without with the same sequence.Thank you.
    I also invite all of the friends to share something each week so that struggle of our dearest and nearest Malik Siraj Akbar’s must be supported by us and by our efforts.Thank You.

  32. Salamalykum dear Sir,
    It is Abdul Kabir Baloch here from Muscat i have been in search of ur articles in contact numbers but after a long time a came to know this online news paper which really comendable and your works are really praisworthy and i have been alawys inspired by u towards readying and writing and i am prude to be one of ur students. my best wishes and prays are alawys with u.

    1. Hello Kabir,
      Thank you very much for your kind mail. I am so glad to hear from you. It has really been a very long time since we communicated with each other. I hope your life is going well and you are having a very good time back at your job.
      Thanks for liking the online English newspaper. You are very kind for giving your feedback.
      Stay in touch. You can find all my contacts on this blog.

  33. Salam,
    Malik sab, my visit of ur blog inspired me promptly to present u a few of my words, which I claim not be able enough to be presenting u a tribute; nontheless I leave no stone unturned to make them one.

    The initiative you have taken for the advocacy of the Baloch cause, I believe to be a historical one.
    The history would ever remember u to be the first to have launched an online newspaper with a Baloch perspective.

    Your contribution would ever be remembered!

    May u be blessed!!!!!!
    It is the beginning and u shall make a history!

    Abdul Raziq Rind

    1. Dear Abdul Raziq,
      Thanks a lot for dropping by and giving your comments. I do not deserve the praise that you have showered on me. I can simply thank you for your kindness. All I can say is that I am performing my duty and it is just the inception of my career. I need the support, guidance and feedback of friends like you.
      Stay in touch.

  34. salamalykum dear Sir,
    Thank u very much for ur kind reply and greetings. yah it has been a long time, i really miss those moments of gattering in class, and by the grace of Allah my work is official and very experiencing but one thing i regret is leaving behind my ambition of life. anyhow, i had looked for ur contacts when i came to Quetta but didnt get but now Allahumdolilah i hop to b in tuch with u and hop to get ur kind response. May Allah keep u safe and give u success. thanks again

  35. Salaam Dear Malik Siraj Akbar
    i have two or three of your articles and found it really informative.Surely i will have to praise your hard work and struggle for describing the baloch voice to International community.But i dont regret to say that you are describing one side of the picture.i went through your one article about pathans.In which you said that all Vc`s of top five universities of balochistan are pathans and tts are only granted to pathans.and this and that.which simply contradicts the slogan of your website about not being biased.I do agree that these vc`s are pathan and i should also add something here that these pathans deserved these posts because they are much more talented and qualified.You gave the facts and figures about vc`s and professor of universities.But what about secretariat of balochistan and assembly of balochistan aren`t there more balochs then pathans.Your chied secretery is a baloch.Cm,governor are balochs.Different ministries are under baloch reign.I will add one more sentence that when it comes for voting and population census baloch can definetly win but when merit and educational aspects are matched pathans are ruling class..
    So change your view and bring the real picture to the community so none can be misguided and peace and harmony can be sustained Because we are one nation and we are the followers of the most unvoilent person of history Hazrat Muhammad SAWW.The binding force between baloch and pathan and other nations should be Islam.And they should not be seperated by cast and creed.

  36. Regards Waja Siraj!
    Hope doing well.
    Waja shuma kadhain sha US aaa wapas wati Deha pedaye,
    Eid Mubarak In Advance…

  37. Salam dear sir I hope you are fine. You are doing a good job for balochs. Our best wishes are always with you.

    Maqbool Ahmed

  38. malik sir,i hopoe you are fine and having a musical time in your life.it has been a long period that i have contacted you i congragulate on your sucessions.its been spontaneous to view your articles.what about your book? is it been published if it is published dont forget to give me a copy of ur book as a gift.iam also wrirting articles in nwespapers.jahanzaib shah .please reply on my questions.

    1. Dear Jahanzaib,
      Thank you so much for your kind message. I am glad that you have started writing articles too. No, my book has still not been published because I did not have the finances to publish it when I was in Balochistan. Now I am in the US. I may think of publishing it once I come back to Pakistan. Thanks for your message. I sincerely hope you are doing fine and all is well on your side.

  39. Sir Malik Siraj Akbar
    Its my first time i heard about you while using facebook come over a glance on a clip of your interview with Radio Balochistan shared by my a friend. After listening that clip searched about you in google and found your this profile. I am delighted that my one Baloch Brother from Panjgor is so capable and doing infinite efforts for Baloch as the need painstaking. Your book which u published it in USA is a immence struggle and asserting internationaly unjustice in Balochistan. This Book possess international authorities to look over Balochistan. At the end I share my opinion that this should b translated in local language so that it would be accessible for our own brother those can not read English.
    Thank you so much

  40. Sometimes you act more like politician rather than journalist, even if you confronted Khan of Kalat in Germany about Islam you should have shown your professionalism rather than be sarcastic about Daud khan in you reporting in your Balochhal news

  41. I must show some appreciation to the writer for bailing me out of this predicament. Because of browsing through the world wide web and finding suggestions which are not helpful, I was thinking my life was over. Being alive without the presence of strategies to the issues you have sorted out by means of the post is a serious case, and ones which could have in a wrong way damaged my entire career if I had not discovered the website. Your primary know-how and kindness in playing with a lot of stuff was excellent. I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I had not come upon such a stuff like this. I can at this moment look ahead to my future. Thanks so much for this skilled and results-oriented guide. I won’t hesitate to refer your blog to any person who would need care about this subject.

  42. This has been a privilege of reading your blog, i am really proud of you as a baluch nationalist. I am a varacious reader of your articles and posts on social network and found them very informative and inspiring. You are a ray of hope for the suppressed baluch. May you live long!

  43. kabir shabir, a political scientist from the university of Karachi. it is worth telling that you have done great,but more importantly you actually have portrayed your nation, [Baloch] however you pen down your thoughts we seek information and thus for this purpose we want your pen to increase the speed limits, so that we could be able to find you out. All the best

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