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26 Responses to “Contact”
  1. yahya bin muhammad says:

    dear sir hope you will fine .
    sir as you know our govt find terminalogy 1 khudkash 2 is taliban mean they gave every blsat ant to them but reality is not that.
    sir as you konw last days media said the taliban have distibut the letter in pishin girls school
    we r not agaist the education but we agaist the process here
    we ant education we want development islam told us to achive the education and spread .
    thosse people whose agaist the edu in pishin they are not taliban they want to make stiuation for droon attacks and oppearation in pishin and around
    alsh, our forces also invole in this game
    hope you will publish my views in your papaers thanx,

  2. H. Lateef Gramkani says:

    Dear Siraj.
    Hope you will be fine, I always pray for you to be at the peak of success in every turn of your life. I am really proud of you if I think you as one my ex coleague and younger brother.

    Haji Abdul Lateef Gramkani,

  3. sir, how r u? i am searching u from 14 days when i understasnd the net littlebit. iam trying to know the net use & blogg

  4. Salam sir, how are you? I have not seen you for a long time, i hope you are fine and be fine for ever. With sencere regards your lateef gramkani

    • Malik says:

      Dear HaJi sahib,
      How are you? What a great pleasure to hear from you. I hope you are doing fine. I am doing well over here. Busy with the studies. How about you?
      Write to me in detail.

  5. Alia Rafique says:

    i dont know whos site is this… but i like the critical analysis of all news on this site…. mostly people have thinking about the issues as the news papers or news channels showing them.. same was with me.. but after watching few of ur aricles i’ve also starting thinking with other espects of the news n finding out fects from other sources…. who ever you are, doing really nice work..

  6. Musa Sherani says:

    Malik Siraj Akbar’s
    respected siraj, as i realized that here are few pople who are realy sincer with their cuase and objective, but on the other side realy feeling fear to marginalize their ideas, who are invole to terrorize ou t peace full society and why? behind this acctually a great materalist lobby is there, plz for the best interst of pakistan and muslims of Pakistan explore the light of peace and prosperity again, who have no status co and reognization with out Pakistan, i absoultly request to those elements who are distablizing our state and society please do’t do more the people has no more stmana to face here, either these elements are any one either beyond the mirror of inside, regards Musa Sherani

  7. Hamza Badar says:

    Hey salam to you..Sir i need you to sponsor me please for the 10th Youth Leadership Conference 2011..Its like i am so needy for that and i am deadly willing to participate in that and its like good for me that i have gt all the skills but unfortunately its like so badluck that i am not financially strong..Thats why sponsor me please
    So please give a good reply to me and if you want to know me and about my works/experience or volunteered action so you can..Heres my contact no too so please make ASAP.Heres my contact no too 0343-2642687
    Thanking you..
    Hamza Badar

  8. jahanzaib shah says:

    salm sir,i hope ur fine because i have not seen we meet last time in your office.i have missed u a lot malik sab.i have tied ur number but u have not picked it.congratulations on ur book.i hope or request to u for providing a copy of ur book to me as agift that u are to release it n america. i hope u will provide me a copy. wish u best of luck dear malik sir.

    jahanzaib baloch pANGJUR

  9. AhmedHout says:

    Dear Wajah Malik,

    I hope you are doing well, I would like to thank you for your great interview on Al-Jazeera show, and I would like to tell you that we desperately need people like you. Therefore, make sure you stay alive we cannot afford to lose someone like you!

    I am interested in obtaining your new book, how can I do so?

    Kind regards,

    Ahmed Hout Baloch

    • Dear waja Ahmed Hout,
      Thank you very much for your mail and kind words. I am doing my duty as a journalist to highlight the problems of the marginalized people. My book isn’t available in Pakistan yet but if you are in the United States or Canada, then you can order it from or any other bookstore including Berns and Noble and Border.

  10. Iftekhar says:

    well USA should given money for primary n secondary education instead of fancy HEC grants and defense pacts n supplies, I am sure that he meant. To emphasis it further drop out rate at primary lever reached 77 percent dury Mush period in which USA pumped money into Pakistan. Pakistan should invest more in education but it is just ridiculous to say : ‘ I never understand why the US should even pay for the education of Pakistani children? Why can’t Islamabad cut its defense budget and spend more money on social development?’ Jinnah asked for USA help at the time of the Pakistan’s birth which later on resulted in defense pacts of all sorts even leasing out bases for spy operation against USSR and all sort of dirty jobs done on USA behalf in middle east and under blue berets. So Sethi’s point was simple if USA would have given enough money or pushed for primary education, free and universal Pakistan society would have taken better care of itself and wouldn’t be as much intolerant as now.

    can one imagine what the 77percent dropout rate will result into chaos and social structure in 10 years time?

  11. Asim Bukhari says:

    Congratulation on getting political asylum in the USA. Your writings helped you to achieve this ‘hallmark’.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have been deeply touched by your story, as I am aware of the situation of Baluchistan. I worked as you did, on the first news agency to cover Baluchistan issues in Arabic language (occupied Baluchistan news agency), and worked on it for one year, till I had to stop writing, translating, editing news pieces, which I did all by my own despite the big name of an agency!
    I agree that there is no story worth dying for, and everyone has his own field in providing help to suppressed people of divided and occupied Baluchistan, and to live to tell the story is much more valuable as we are just means and channels or their voices. I mourned the killing of Baluchistan Noam Chomsky (Prof. Saba Dashtyari), and I can forecast the future of this great man if he was still with us and to killed by the Pakistani agencies, more master pieces he would produce and greater awareness would been out there. You are the one of few lucky who had a chance to go to school unlike the 80% of the Baluch nation, and you acquired these great skills in writing wonderful pieces, with your awareness and consciousness, I think you have the huge responsibility to act according to what you know is the greater goodness, to make Baluchistan a part of this world, after it’s been like if it’s in another universe!
    Good luck with your new life, and thank you USA for standing for the justice and saving this great man life.
    Kind regards,

  13. Ruzhn says:

    Dear siraj,
    i am really a great fan of urz since we met at PAOBK office Quetta. Remember?, u r my ideal, u r soooo talented. great job keep it up.
    i always pray for ur long life and safety.

  14. Anonymous says:

    we met in ceo room, and i asked u alot about how can i get an scholarship, position holder of UoB (MBA)

  15. Ruzhn says:

    hi siraj,
    hru? where r u?

  16. ruzhn says:

    hi siraj, HRU? Where ru?
    Wht abt job?

  17. M. Ali Changezi, Quetta. says:

    Dear M.S. Akbar,
    Please, do post your latest articles on your blog. I do not find it updated whenever I visit.
    Thanks and regards

  18. durdana says:

    salaam sir i have send u this because no one is pointing that in 27 December a man was killed in gramkan and his name was itmiyaz baloch and after his death b.l.a says that they killed imtiyaz because he was a secrete agent of pak army and according to his family they says he was not involved in these kind of things and the family also say that they want evidence that he was spying for pak army but after 1 and a half year there is no reply from b.l.a why ? and still attacks on his family

  19. Haris Khan Afridi says:

    Very sad to read your baised article against Hamid Mir.You never mentioned his stand for the missing persons of Balochistan,you avoided to write that Mir sahib supported the demand to change the name of Pakhtunkhwa province in 1996,you never mentioned that he was first kidnapped by ISI in 1990,you never mentioned that biggest extremist of the region and ISI agent Zaid Hamid declared Hamid Mir a CIA agent.You never mentioned that Hamid Mir interviewed not only Osama bin Laden but also interviewed Nelson Mandela,Yasir Arafat,Shimon Peres,L K Advani,Hillary Clinton,Tony Blair,Karzai.Why you misreported about him?may be because he refused to run away from Pakistan like you?May be because of jealousy………..

  20. majid naveed says:

    Dear sir M.S. akber,

    sir we want a clear solution of balochistan problemes in your point of view. i hope you will give us a
    brief on this issue, that what should our complete young genration do in these days.

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