Journalists’ Families at Risk in Balochistan

By Malik Siraj Akbar On October 25, unidentified armed men carried out an unprecedented attack on the children of the Khuzdar-based veteran journalist Nadeem Gurgnari. While Mr. Gurgnari’s 25-year old son, Siraj Nadeem, who had come from Quetta to spend Eid holidays with the family, immediately passed away as a result of the deadly assault, … Continue reading

Balochistan’s Forgotten Saleem Shahzad (s)

Saleem Shahzad, the Asia Times journalist, who was allegedly killed by the Inter-Services Intelligence, today epitomizes journalistic courage. His name is also intertwined with reporters’ extraordinary reactions in Pakistan to the murder of a fellow colleague by the country’s invisible soldiers. When the investigative reporters’ dead body was recovered two days after his mysterious disappearance … Continue reading