No Strategy to Combat Sectarianism in Balochistan

It is a shame that the government of Balochistan does not have an official strategy to grapple with the menace of sectarian terrorism. The province is experiencing an upsurge in violent attacks targeting members of the Hazara community and Shia minority sect of Islam from Sunni militant groups operating inside Balochistan with absolute impunity. The … Continue reading

Ban Religious Processions

By Malik Siraj Akbar The BBC Urdu Service, while covering the final burial of several people who were killed in Friday’s suicide bomb blast in Quetta, reported that enraged family members of the victims directly blamed the religious leaders for being responsible for the carnage. Devastated with the grief of losing their sons, the mothers … Continue reading

Mistaking the Enemy

By Malik Siraj Akbar At least seventy five people were killed and two hundred were injured in one of the worst suicide bomb blasts in the history of Balochistan. The blast took place at Mizan Chowk, a popular venue in Quetta for political congregations, when the members of Shia community expressed solidarity with their Palestine … Continue reading